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  • I'm calling it

    barry said:
    Andrew is quite right Charlie. Grow up and stop winding people up. I’d love to live in your make believe world. Did you see the second half on Saturday. A brilliant rearguard performance and a wonderful 3 points. It could have easily ended up a defeat though. There won’t be many teams this season that will have that much possession and not beat us. That’s unless we bring in about five players in the loan market 
    Fück my eyes.

    So thinking your team is going to do well is winding people up now.
    I would say that Charlie is being wildly optimistic.

    But for others to to tell him to shut up about it is just outrageous - aah yes but optimism doesn't ever fit with their agenda, does it?

    We have always had plenty of "fans" who only ever moan and complain. I remember the booing when we drew in the Europa League against Kuban Krasnodor and remember thinking "we're in the f***ing Europa League and you are booing?". What we wouldn't give for that now. 

  • Guardian reports he's gone

    There is no loyalty in football any more. The board lied to Potter from early in his tenure. Potter has used the club as a stepping stone. Football itself, not just scfc but football itself, is not worthy of my support. F*ck them all. I'm off to watch the Lakers. A plagiue on all their houses.
  • Positives if we go down

    No positives for me. With Fulham paying £15M for a striker in the Championship, before we know it we'll be bouncing around Leagues One and Two like we always have. I am in no hurry to go back there again. 

    For those who think relegation will allow us "to get our club back", the only real way to do that is to do an AFC Wimbledon or FC United. I.e. split.