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  • A message to our squad, and to those Potter is hoping to get in on loan

    You totally miss the point. Personally, I am afraid of what the future holds for the club & your scenario might well happen (if it does I will still be there, even in the National League, will you? Direct answer please) 
    No it is not social medias fault we are in this position, not is it the remaining/new players/management fault. It all lies at the Owners/Directors feet.
    But two things bother me about your posts, as I see them. 
    1) The sanctimonious, look at me, I told you so attitude, that you have, when you come on the site to comment. Is it important to rub everyone's nose in your brilliance. Unless of course you intend to be the Saviour also?
    2) The demeaning of the players, even before they have done anything. e.g. How do you know Roden isn't going to be a sensation (& better then Fede, who many have slagged off previously). 
    Are LB's & SC's points not valid. 
    The players are who they are & require our 100% support (especially now) So please use more supportive language towards them. Try wishing them well!! That would be novel. 
    Finally, in reality there is only one vehicle (other than a sugar daddy) that can possibly save/stabilise the Club & that is the Trust. It has it's faults BUT it is the only sheriff in town.
    Please don't respond by justifying your comments etc. But would welcome your views/action plan on how we ensure the future safety of the club (after all you had clear views on how it was going wrong, so you must have some expertise)

  • Ponty Moonlighting

    "Stephen R wants an all out heavy metal  leaflet campaign. " 
    I just want all supporters to understand the truth of the situation, as many are blissfully unaware (& possibly disinterested, which is a different issue) 
    We cannot move forward without a groundswell of support

  • The waiter found out again?

    Amazing comeback & who scores. Chadli. Now we will never afford him B)
  • PLEASE......

    :# Sorry just saw the "home" button!! 
  • Match Discussion: Sheffield United v Swans - Championship 2018/19

    I think that is a little unfair on Asoro.

    he did ok. made some good runs. looked strong on the ball. Wasnt as good as McKay, however. And with Jeff coming on, therefore the logical change to make.

    Plus Asoro is still only 19, and McKay's extra experience was another plus in his favour.
    Yes he is ony 19 & will learn, under, what appears to be a good coaching setup. But he was knocked off the ball too easily & often ran down blind alleys