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  • Truro City v Swans U23s Tonight

    Attended game last night with my son. We met a family of 3 on holiday in Cornwall wearing Swansea shirts.They said they were season ticket holders.
    As to the game.
    It ended 1-1 after we scored a late equaliser from a penalty.
    The team fielded was very young with only Benda, Reid and Baker- Richardson familiar to me fron watching the u23's on stream last season.
    Truro were much the more powerful team and it showed in the second half when we rarely looked like troubling their keeper.
    Benda made some good saves in the second half to keep us in the gameas we tired and Truro won more and more of the ball in midfield.
    Reid was poor, bulky but little else, and faded badly before being subbed off.Same for Baker- Richardson, poor control and very little distribution.Why we keep players like these is beyond me,they are never going to get anywhere near the first team in a month of Sundays.
    Truro's goal at the end of the first half came from  a classic cross from the right and a peach of a header past Benda.Their overlapping full back was much more the real deal ,and if I  was a scout I would be recommending we take a close look at him.He was so much better than Reid for sure.
    A young lad sitting near us said he thought our player, whoever he was, had struck the penalty very well; and I had to agree with him.It was just about our only chance to score in the second half.
    For the record: it was a fine but increasingly chilly evening  at Treyew Road in Truro. The official attendance was 159 of which 5 were Swans fans.That's all folks.
  • What if?

    What if we were to win 3-0  or 4-1,5-2 etc, on Saturday against West Ham ? Surely not impossible ,even  if unlikelyas it would be our biggest win this season in the league.

    We might then end up 13 th  on Sunday, as we would be above them on goal difference. The other teams in between us and them  at present have fixtures this weekend which on current form they would  be expected to lose, apart from Southampton who would need to draw or lose to Stoke.

  • How many successful new signings do we need?

    I read that there is a distinct air of optimism on this site with regard to how the coming season will pan out; talk of top half, automatic and play-offs. This is great to read  rather than doom and gloom. 
    With six new signings ,how many of these do we need to be happy with to make the above come true ?
    Clearly, but unlikely, if all six have good seasons then we should be very optimistic. At present only the goalie and Bidwell have done anything meaningful, and both show promise .However it is far to soon to jump to any conclusions as to how they fair over the full season.
    Our new recruitment will have played a blinder if we can say next may that four of the six have been a success.

    Money can't buy you everything as we saw when we splashed out 50/60 million on Bony, Ayew, Clucas and Mesa not to mention Baston at another 15 million.

    This time we have been far more frugal with loans and frees or small fees.
    If four or more of these do well it beggars the question why we didn't go down this route before instead of throwing millions away as if we had money to burn.

    I've always maintained that we would not have been in financial trouble had we invested say 20 million of the money from  Everton on four or five carefully researched lower profile players with something to prove, and kept the other 20 million safely banked .
  • next 3 games

    We have to be realistic here.

    6 points from safety now and the gap growing week by week.

    We are not able to compete with the top teams any more.

    Liverpool will have all the three points sown up on Monday well before half time.

    Same when we play THE Arsenal.

    I think HJ et al realise it is a waste of money to try to patch up a sinking ship in this January window.

    Best to wait til the Summer, get the high earners off the books- Fab, Ki, Fernandez, Bony and plan for life in the Championship with Roberto here to get in some inexpensive gems from Spain.

    My comments were based entirely on our season up until then. Having been a supporter for almost 60 years I am as delighted as anyone else that we  are seeming to turn things around under Carlos.

    It is amazing what a change of manager can do for a team and certain players in particular, long may it continue.

    I now look forward to us achieving 40 points before April is out.

    However, we must show the same grit and determination against the lesser lights of the Premier league.

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Atalanta - Friendly 2019/20

    They were the top goalscorers in Serie A last season with 77 in league games ;better  than the two teams above them Juventus and Napoli .They also qualified for the Champions league  next season.Hope they play their strongest side against us.