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  • Good business done early

    Gone a tad early with that one I think @RugeleySwan.

    This club has a track record of high activity on deadline day in recent years, and if the right bids arrive for any of our decent players before 5pm they will be sold, regardless of the impact on the team. 

    I'm reserving judgement until midnight tonight when any international last minute deal sheets would definitely have been completed by then.

    Have you got anything positive to say about the club or is everything negative?
    Bet it's a joy to live with you.
  • Match Discussion: Swans v Preston North End - Championship 2019/20

    I’ll be interested to see the game again today or whenever they issue it on the website.

    We seem to lose our defensive shape during open play, from what appears to be as a result of the way we press, and when we got the ball we dont seem confident to pass the ball consistently. Our inside wing channel near the box was again wide open and we dont close down players to stop the shots. We cant keep on allowing teams this many opportunities or someone will slaughter us

    We allowed them to control the midfield and they pressed well, but mostly the same players last season would have passed around them and kept the ball.

    49% possession at home isnt really good enough. Preston made about 70 more passes than Hull but we made 200 less than the game against Hull. 

    Yet, we created some lovely goals and won. It felt like the opposite of last year, where we often had the performance but no result. I think for a few weeks we need to go back to the players who played well last season and where here for preseason (except Bidwell who was here for preseason and was yet again a 7). That way we can give the new players enough time to getused to the way of playing gradually.

    Byers needs to start and so does Routs.
    Joe Rodon was the biggest problem defensively yesterday probably the worst game he's had for us
  • Match Discussion: Queens Park Rangers v Swans - Championship 2019/20

    jasper_T said:
    We were in all kinds of trouble until the penalty. Had another one of those days when things wouldn't go right for the opposition in front of goal. Probably should have had at least one pen themselves.

    Bit like the start of last season where we were getting results without playing well and thinking we were going to walk the league. Hopefully Cooper gets it sussed earlier than Potter did.
    Shows the sign of a good team not playing well and getting 3 pts.
    QPR looked a very good side, relaxed in possession with 2 very good wingers