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  • Match Discussion: Swans v Brentford - Championship 2020/21

    I'm surprised that no one is backing Manning for a starting spot. His all round game was very good against Forest, and his first time cross for Cullen's second was sublime. Both Manning's and Routledge's accurate and early crosses were the sort that retreating defenders hate. So much more effective when getting the ball into the box quickly, first time, rather than the slow build up that allows the defence to get themselves organised. There's a place for both approaches, but speed on the break doesn't half unsettle defences.

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Queens Park Rangers - Championship 2020/21

    What a load of crap, clueless. I sincerely hope we don't go up as we would be an utter embarrasment. The only stats figures that we topped tonight was for fouls!

    I just hope that when covid restrictions are lifted for next season that we are not faced with Cooper's style of play - it would just not be worth the effort and money to sit in the stands for 90 minutes when I could spend my time better by washing the car or unblocking the lav.

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Brentford - Championship 2020/21

    21 shots for Brentford to our 2, 9 corners to our 1, 35 per cent possession to us, but hang on there, we win on fouls, 17 to 11. How did we get a point from that shambles.

  • Match Discussion: Brentford v Swans - Championship Play-Off Final 2020/21

    However hard it is to take, the better team by far won today, and good luck to them. I'd much prefer to be embarrassed by one match today than have to suffer a whole season of embarrassment in the Premier League.

    Cooper's style and tactics have been appalling all season, and I hope he does move to Crystal Palace, and that we can appoint an exciting, energetic, charismatic, possibly Continental coach, who can enthuse both the players and the fans.

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Brentford - Championship 2020/21

    The match stats are unbelievable. We are way behind on every count.... except fouls.

    Can someone have a word in Cooper's ear re subs. He only seems to sub early when we are either 2 or 3 goals to the good, and then uses subs to give some players a little game time. Doesn't he have an understanding of using subs in a tactiocal sense to reinvigorate the team when some players are clearly banjaxed?

    Jesus, Manning on with two mins of extra time left, what the f?

  • Is Bale taking the mickey?

    I know, nothing to do with Swans, but is this iconic Welsh player displaying less backbone than an earthworm?

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Nottingham Forest - Championship 2020/21

    For f***s sake, how did we manage to win. Boy are we riding our luck, long may it continue, especially with Brentford imploding.