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  • McBurnie gone

    Past history has shown that we don't replace with the same quality as we sell. Sigurdson was sold 16th of  August 2017, window closed 31st,  so we have less time to replace with this window.

    We will probably buy a few youngsters, not spend much, then try to develop them. We will be middle to lower half of the league, possibly in a relegation fight. If a relegation scrap happens, the club will realize that the fans were correct all along. Sell one of your best players, yes, you can get away with that, but two and a new rookie manager, they really haven't backed him.

    For the first time in a while I was optimistic we had a good team that could make a strong push for promotion. Whoever we get in will have missed the pre-season, McBurnie has been playing when we could have been giving other players game time. I knew it would be too good to be true for them to see we could keep him and not lose out.

    J Ayew they should have sold when they had an £8m offer but they refused, McBurnie could have been worth much more that £20m to us, if we managed to achieve promotion.

    Yanks Out!!!
  • Match Discussion: Swans v Stoke City - Championship 2019/20

    We have options, no one has mentioned Declan John, who has performed well, when given the opportunity.

    The reason for me that Bidwell gets the nod is that SC is looking at the team requirement and wants round pegs in round holes. He has been very good at looking at what is best for the team and the match. 

    I for one don’t have any reason to complain about his choices, but not out of favouritism, because I can see what SC is trying to create.
    I'm interested to see who SC chooses tomorrow, he makes his decision not just on matchday games but also from the training sessions, so whatever he decides he's the best to judge.
  • Wilfried Saha

    Good post Jackareme.

    For me, what this clearly shows is how early the club were aware of Everton's interest, and of Siggy's head being turned. Then how badly they dealt with the whole situation. 

    With the new team we have Birch, Cooper, Britton, Scott. Being ready for any player leaving, and having new players identified, to get things done quickly must now become a priority. Bedding in new players early and having a good pre-season can have a really positive effect on the season. 

    At some point Everton made Siggy an offer that was so good he decided to potentially embark on another challenge. 

    I don't have any bad feeling towards Siggy or Martinez, all players want to better themselves and earn as much as they can, and most managers will want to manage at the highest division they can.

  • Coopers press conference today

    Steve Cooper will hold a press conference this afternoon at approx 1:30pm to preview Swansea City's season opener against Hull City