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    Being a keen advocate for Legal action from the outset, I am afraid to say now its too late. Not legally ( 6 year rule) but has i warned in the beginning, These Hedge Fund vultures will play the trust and will say what ever it takes to win. That's what they have done.

    All the Trust can do now ,is hope their position does not get even more diluted . It appears plans are a foot for something ,,hence the Director change.

    We has fans need to stick together , get behind the Trust and do what we can

  • Why ?

    No doubt Cooper is proving the doubters wrong, We cant have any complaints at the way he sets up, his signings ,and most important of all. His winning tactics. Its taking him some time to learn but wow he seems to be a good studant. this being his first Club.

    But now it starts to get tough , a game every 3 days and a very small squad. So why was he asked to drop Petterson this morning , on Match day with no warning!

    Never liked the new Owners and stopped buying my season ticket shortly after the take over. they are here for a profit . today proved it. But worse, much worse was Today. Our Manager was ordered to take a player out of the first team ON MATCH DAY! its unforgivable , stinks and we as fans must ask what exactly is the Clubs Ambition this season? I know. Its to make has much dosh and spend as little has possible. sothey need to tell us how much they want to make this season.

    But hey, before i get called up , I ask yo to think about it. Also ask the Trust if they where informed of this outrage?

    I am lucky, i have watched Swansea since 1977. I can just imagine John Toshacks reaction if he was asked to drop Latchford ,or Leighton James on Match Day! So ONERS WHY?

  • Update from CE Julian Winter

    One has heard so many new CEO,s say the exact same thing has this, its all rather obvious and unnecessary. What we need to know is

    1 : What is going to happen in our Playing Squad today, Re In/Outs ?

    2 : What the heck was he playing Saturday, when he "Ordered" the withdrawal of a player from the first team hours before a game?

    3: Assuming the player was subject to a late offer, how much was it?

    4: Will he promise never to interfere with the playing squad ever again?

    Simple really