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  • Seriously as long as we dont lose anymore players the Ayews, Baston aside I think we can match the season just gone. Maybe with the right additions, top 6!
    in Fixtures Comment by Steve June 20
  • Somewhere in the championship @SpringheeledJack!
    in Fixtures Comment by Steve June 20
  • I going for Hull at home!!
    in Fixtures Comment by Steve June 20
  • This thread started off about a story of us being interested in T J Eyoma. How on earth has it ended up as a McKay bash session!
    in T J Eyoma Comment by Steve June 19
  • I find myself in total agreement with you Cadders! I thought he came across very well, very positive, no silly promises either. He had my support before this but I am now really behind him and looking forward to pre-season and then the big kick-off.
  • BigG said: %Since we are throwing predictions & quotes out there, here's a proper stinker for the list; Agree with that one!
  • Mark_Jack_London said: here, here Gareth.  everyone bleated on here about when we turned into every other club clinging on to PL status, losing our identity and playing boring football, struggling every game. Me included. Last season, despi…
    in Steve Cooper Comment by Steve June 11
  • Cadleigh said: @Sorted! Now we have a good spread of predictions covering all the main bases. I’ll probably add two more buckets soon - one for definitely deceased predictions and one for triumphantly correct ones. I can see a couple of BigOa…
  • He doesn't like it when people start having a go at him!
    in Cameron Toshack Comment by Steve June 8
  • Is it April 1st, no wait we are in June. 
  • Gardo said: Am I the only Jack actually in Swansea ? Yes can you please turn the light off!
  • DubDragon said: @SpringheeledJack Obviously you've got your classics like GOT.. SOA.. Vikings... similar good ones.. Last Kingdom and the Mayans. I really got into Cobra Kai... but I was a fan of the original film and they're only 30 mins l…
  • garythenotrashcougar said: moorlands said: Sorry Gary that original post was grubby,too much information really. You know what they say about sarcasm too.No need to reply that way about another person's views. Moorlands. Thanks fo…
  • @DubDragon I misread your post as pinned down in bed by wife, I thought you must be having the best day by a mile! Lol
  • Well said @Chris_Sharman.
  • So what was the outcome regarding goalkeepers next season!
  • Chris_Sharman said: Not sure about Appleton he never seems to stay anywhere very long and then always pops up as a number two or on a coaching staff somewhere. He seemed to have done OK at Oxford but apart from that nothing else really, ques…
  • Pablo said: I hope they take their time. This is an important appointment. Potter turned out to be a great choice and hopefully the Director and his helpers will do the same again this time. All players and staff at every club are taking thei…
  • Don't shoot the messenger but I have heard Tatey has got the job and is bringing in Jenkins as his number 2!
  • He is a tricky little fella and gets fouled alot!
    in Ruben Lameiras Comment by Steve May 28
  • SpringheeledJack said: Before they were managers in the Champnshiphey managed in lower leagues and proved themselves Did they!!
    in Villa v Derby Comment by Steve May 27
  • cecil said: Frankly,Im not that keen on our style of play.Goalkeeper to full backs,back to keeper return to full backs then back to keeper who then hoofs balls to opposition who then get a corner and score from it. Nor a frail collection of m…
  • chatz said: Mark_Jack_London said: chatz, I am tempted to say I love you...if only you were a woman with long legs, and a tight butt too... well 2 out of three aint bad lol So @schatz are you a man with long legs and a tight but…
    in Michael Reiziger Comment by Steve May 20
  • Leon doesn't enjoy the handshaking posing for photos role, he says Trundle loves it and that he (Leon) would happily stand down.
  • From what I heard Leon will not be continuing his role, they are going to just run with Trunds! 
  • You mean attempted murder by Ash Malaga! Lol
    in Chico Comment by Steve May 10
  • Our away form has let us down on many occasions and we have lost games, we should gave won (Ipswich at home, anyone). A few more positive results and mid 60's would be a great effort after everything that has happened!  It's the summer I am worried …
  • garythenotrashcougar said: AndrewMaesteg said: is it a bit of the Danny Graham and Leroy Lita 'illness'?? As I say mate, I'm not saying anymore than that because of libel laws, all I can repeat is that I have no reason to doubt my…
    in Oli McBurnie Comment by Steve March 18
  • whitemountains said: enaitch said: Jose Mourhinio is also a neighbour of MM in Portugal  If you have nothing constructive to offer then don't post . Birch and Morgan know each very well .  I agree mountains so sod off!! Lol
  • Well done Nordfeldt,  maybe shut some of the critics up for a bit. Well done the team, for 45 mins we were in the semi's.