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  • I dont think anyone is "getting their knickers in a knot" @Mark_Jack_London! Apparently he was steaming drunk though. If he stays fit and gives 100% nobody will give a sh1t!
    in Oli McBurnie Comment by Steve August 22
  • Too much media cover on this story, great to see him there but if his form detoriates at Sheff utd he will be in the sh1t!
    in Oli McBurnie Comment by Steve August 22
  • Hope it reads like that after 11 league games.
    in W10. D1. L0 Comment by Steve August 22
  • SpringheeledJack said: If VdH goes surely we need an experiencec CB, with Wilmott being here. Agreed, problem is VDH hopefully won't join another English club before tomorrow's deadline but could move abroad after. Do we act now and sign s…
  • So if VDH goes and Wilmot is his back-up then won't we need to bring in a back-up to the back-up!
    in Borja Comment by Steve August 5
  • Who knew! Oh Gary did. Lol
  • How about we just show some support for him and (football cliche) take every game as it comes. Yesterday might be the only goal he scores but maybe with the confidence shown in him and support from us he might continue to score!
    in Borja Comment by Steve August 4
  • We have been linked with an Aston Villa youngster recently. 
  • Brownie said: Yes mart and bankrupt us at the same time! Lol They are still going to bankrupt us even if they dont play!
  • J4cka said: What a legacy to leave behind. Thanks very much Huw Jenkins.  Yeah and @Cadleigh reckons on a statue one day! Made from the pile of horse sh1t that was supposedly dumped on his drive!
  • As long as we still have high earners on the books we are going to leak money, crowds are down too so selling Oli helps us out, although I would hope that we might have some of the money for him to use on the right player, whether a permanent or loa…
  • No pretending @garythenotrashcougar yes most would take VDH over Fernandez!
    in McBurnie gone Comment by Steve August 1
  • If the image in the tweet represents who they have signed, they have the wrong guy! Maybe a chance for us after all!!
  • The suggestion was two more and one a striker. 
  • Martyn said: I suspect Nordfelts on his way out the door. Woodman is 6ft 2, Mulder 6ft 4 and Nordfelt 6ft 1. He almost joined Forest 2 summers ago You hit it on the head, cooper is doing away with short arses, nath and Wayne are next!
  • Maybe they are going to play Nordfeldt as a striker!
  • Mark_Jack_London said: Steve said: Perhaps a wrist  strain from all the beers! he got that from boxing with Rodon's brother! The effing tool!  Roden's brother is the tool, always looking for a fight! He will get whoever he is wit…
    in McBurnie gone Comment by Steve August 1
  • Perhaps a wrist  strain from all the beers!
    in McBurnie gone Comment by Steve July 31
  • Believe me Mark some of those rumours are more than just rumours!
  • garythenotrashcougar said: In and of itself, the McBurnie deal is a good deal. Birch has done well. I'm sorry but he's just not worth that kind of money. So I've got no complaints on that score. It's the shambolic succession planning and tim…
    in FFS Comment by Steve July 31
  • I think Cooper has been looking for a striker since he got here, but with little or no money even loans have been difficult. So he probably thought if Baston us still here might aswell play him. Now with Oli going do they use a small amount of money…
    in McBurnie gone Comment by Steve July 31
  • He must be the replacement for Dan, Cooper said he wanted. TB did say that there was a small amount of money available if needed.
    in Players in Comment by Steve July 31
  • Cadleigh said: Mike - here are the facts: - We have just agreed a fee for a Swedish international - We got him because Cooper drew on his experience and his contacts - He is young and skilful - The first mention of his name in the media in co…
    in McBurnie gone Comment by Steve July 31
  • garythenotrashcougar said: @SpringheeledJack with you on Ayew, but disagree on Oli - I’d have taken the £15m by now personally, but if someone wants to go to £20m that is insane money for a very good poacher but one who can’t run or hold th…
  • Byers & Routledge have slight injury concerns.
  • Bang goes that deal then!
    in Kasey Palmer Comment by Steve July 26
  • And @Pablo brings some sense to proceedings! We had CCV last season, I would have expected a slightly older youngster with a little more game time but I am guessing Wilmot was recommended by Scott.  SC must have some doubt from what he has seen from…
    in Wilmot in Comment by Steve July 25
  • If SC believes the kids are good enough and wants to give them a chance that's fine by me I will fully support them. Equally if he decides that a youngster from a premier side would be a better option to back VDH and Joe up I will support them. I ha…
  • We would only need a more experienced CB if VDH left us. I think SC was looking at the youngsters we have but if he wants to bring in a CB from elsewhere then he can't be totally convinced of them.
  • I do wonder if we will manage to bring anyone else in!