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  • No one likes change more than a baby with a soiled nappy, but this is 2019, we did punch above our weight for many years but for most of my 50 year support, we’ve knocked around in the bottom two divisions, we had something, and the club are trying …
    in Love this club Comment by Jac July 8
  • It’s a fair point you make Gary but one can only punch above it’s weight for so long, we went down last season when it was in our hands to stay up, nip and tuck granted but we had done the hard work.
    in Love this club Comment by Jac July 8
  • Here’s what I’ve heard, take it or leave it sometimes, you cast the net and get tiddlers, TB has cast the net and is catching marlin, it’s working through who is best out of a very good haul
  • What is the market value though? The Ayews and Borja  we’ll probably take nothing for so long as it reduces the wage bill, we may get something for Carroll and Montero, selling or moving these players on is key, then with Dan James, he is destined f…
  • Phillip said: Everybody has opinions, don't get personal Charlie 10 Many on here defend the owners, some do not. Very few criticise the players and quite rightly so. If you believe the owners are good for the club and Birch has said or done a…
    in #AndrewOut Comment by Jac May 30
  • Colin_swansea said: A HJ and MM supporter! You must be mixing me up with 98% of the fans who shacked up with them and who chanted in Huw we Trust. You can't pin that one on me and I have always criticised how cosy the club were.  Throw enoug…
    in Birch Comment by Jac May 29
  • I’ve heard it’s closer to £300k too, I think in the accounts it lists the highest paid director which may or may not have been Jenkins but here’s the rub, Pearlman is not a director and wouldn’t need to be named whatever he was earning
  • Jeremy, when you say no ambition, do you mean we should throw money at the problem and **** the consequences further down the line? WBA will be in serious trouble if they spend any more, they gambled, and it didn’t pay off, Stoke too. There are numb…
  • Sustainability is what Swansea have always been about, let’s not lose sight of that, we were tipped for the drop every year since 2012 and when it does happen people leave like rats on a sinking ship, here’s to thing, up until today, we had an outsi…
    in Season Tickets Comment by Jac April 27
  • Can I ask all the non committed, would you be in the queue to renew if we pulled off the play-offs and promotion?
    in Season Tickets Comment by Jac April 27
  • Let’s not forget that it was Huw who had to tell him to stop tinkering in November and to utilise Routs and Dyer
    in Curt's priority Comment by Jac April 25
  • Let’s not forget that it was Huw who had to tell him to stop tinkering in November and to utilise Routs and Dyer
    in Curt's priority Comment by Jac April 25
  • When u say they are up to something, are you suggesting they are syphoning money out? The Trust should sign the NDA not that I believe they should but just to call their bluff, I get that Stuart Mc couldn’t disclose but if money was being embezzled …
    in The big picture Comment by Jac April 22
  • The Americans are in it for the long haul, I’m not saying they won’t sell if a tidy offer came in but they know that too make a decent return, we have to be in the top flight.  If Dan does go this summer, it will be a business decision to balance th…
    in Great news Comment by Jac April 11
  • Have u ever googled this lawyer who you tend to believe over died in the wool Jacks? Try it, it’ll tell you more than enough 
    in Trust Update Comment by Jac April 11
  • The Trust represent 100% of its members as it always has, 1200 is all they’ve ever had in membership except for the odd spike, yes there should be far more but like the AA or or an insurance policy, you don’t really want to sign up but happy to rece…
    in Trust Update Comment by Jac April 10
  • Chris_Sharman said: Mark_Jack_London said: Chris_Sharman said: whitemountains said: Some of the theories on here beggar belief .  Firstly : The Trust made a statement to say as far as they are concerned no money as been …
  • They say that theirs a £30m hole on the horizon, if we could only shift the Ayew bros, Bony and Borja, hopefully salaries saved and income from sales would put a dent in that £30m, so that’s TB’s first job.
  • Targeting that competition at the expense of our PL status, perhaps?
  • The fact is the Ospreys haven’t been paying their way for years and in fact they’ve been taking out far more than they’ve been putting in. Swansea City is not a charity, hope this dispels the myth that whatever the Americans are involved in they mus…
    in Ospreys/Liberty Comment by Jac March 6
  • ML acted like a spoilt kid, he wouldn’t deal with infighting in the dressing room (Chico and Monk), saying that he was not the players father, he even went off to Paris when he should have been on the team bus coming back from a bad result at West H…
  • One player shirt in my book, Leon Britton, should have been persuaded to guide us for another season, we dropped down a league yet he was still one of our better performers last year
  • So the Trust go in with strong arm tactics saying that the NDA will be signed but if there is any money being syphoned off or moved then our SD is duty bound to tell the Trust board, it is then the Trust board to decide on what it does with this inf…
  • Our season to date us going well, we have moved some high earners out and brought in some talented youngsters, the most exiting of them couldn’t get a sniff at Shrewsbury last term, and should he improve further then if he was to be sold then £15-£2…
  • He’s also got pace which we’ve seen with DJ is sometimes is impossible to defend against, I wonder how Shrewsbury fans are feeling after watching DJs exploits on Sunday?
  • So you want the Americans out of the club, here’s the bit I cannot fathom. They own it and without a willing party to buy it, I’ll repeat, they own it, they will run it as they see fit, we’ve been told that the way it was being run was unsustainable…
  • Good points SJ, I blame the director not being a football fan, he should have been told that creative licence won’t wash with those that were there, and for me, the real story was far better than the one told, kenny and Paulo airbrushed out and the …
  • Those coaches were not from the Wembley trip but a Cardiff bubble trip, the twenty grand taken out of a magical cashpoint and the remortgaging of a house was bad enough but leaving major characters out makes the film a poor one, there was enough goo…
  • MikeTasmania said: I think we can take it as read that if Leeds get promoted James is gone given that the circumstances of Levien signing off on that shit deal have been all but confirmed. I hope there’s a huge turnout for the protest and tha…
    in Jenkins gone Comment by Jac February 6
  • The Villa made an £8m bid mid-January for VdH but the club turned it down
    in Jenkins gone Comment by Jac February 6