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  • If you have the right people on the bus, you can implement any tactics, if you don't, you can have the best tactics in the world but they won't work. Clive Woodward (paraphrased)
  • For me it is hiraeth
    in Happy days Comment by StephenR July 11
  • Cadleigh said: Jackareme said: Huw Jenkins embedded the Swansea Way? What about Ivor Alchurch Robbie James Curtis Toshack Martinez et al. A lot of legends with a playing pedigree - Huw played in a testimonial match at the Liberty once.…
  • SpringheeledJack said: @StephenR can we just call them “The Owners” or “The Shareholders” as the use of “Our” implies closeness of relationship that I really dont feel and never will. There are a few other names I could suggest but perhaps a…
    in Our Owners Comment by StephenR June 24
  • SVJack said: Reece James, exactly the type of player we should be looking to get in..good spot @SpringheeledJack He's injured!!
  • Really interesting article. Read this & get an insight into the kind of coach/philosophy we are going to get. 
    in Steve Cooper Comment by StephenR June 13
  • This is what I mean about click-bait.  Daily Star headline "Daniel James doesn’t deserve Man Utd move - Swansea star questioned ahead of transfer"  The article is a Talksport interview with Simon Jordan!!! No Swansea person involved at all!!  absolu…
    in DJ Transfer Comment by StephenR June 7
  • J4cka said: Read Chairman's report, not finished long-list yet, so shortlist doesn't exist YET
  • StephenR said: Hey guys, more click-bait. We haven't short-listed yet, with more to interview.  Sorry link doesn't seem to work, but it is update from the Chairman on the OS
    in The Shortlist Comment by StephenR June 4
  • Hey guys, more click-bait. We haven't short-listed yet, with more to interview. 
    in The Shortlist Comment by StephenR June 4
  • enaitch said: Problem is he is out of contract next summer so don’t think they can haggle too much or he will be off for nothing next year Ah, but we might be in the PL next year I was looking for a flying pig emoji, but couldn't find one!!
  • Me too...…………………....
  • Surely if they are needing to save money they will promote Cameron Toshack to the First team Manager & leave Gary Richards looking after the u23's, even with a pay rise it will be a small investment.
  • Sorry to share this click-bait cr*p but it just goes to show how ridiculous it all is!! ;
    in POTTER Comment by StephenR May 17
  • Sorry to share this click-bait cr*p but it just goes to show how ridiculous it all is!! 
  • Colin_swansea said: StephenR said: Colin_swansea said: StephenR said: Colin_swansea said:…
  • Colin_swansea said: StephenR said: Colin_swansea said:…
  • Colin_swansea said:…
  • Mark_Jack_London said: Lots of major sources, including BBC, Sky, Daily Mail, Wales Online all saying that Swans have turned down Brighton's request to speak with Potter. If you read the article on BBC sport, & not just the headline, the…
  • garythenotrashcougar said: With you all the way mate. As I've said before, it's an individual choice - some people have renewed, some people might still - but those who do, need to understand one thing. You may just as well draw £500 cash f…
  • StephenR said: Former Ajax and Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal: "The introduction of Fernando Llorente made the big difference after the break,."Matthijs de Ligt and Daley Blind were embarrassed by him, also by the connecting midfiel…
  • Can we head this thread "Silly Season & Click-Bait News" & recognise from the outset that 110% of it is B/S
    in Silly Season Comment by StephenR May 6
  • Martyn said: Wondering if this will be our story next season. Similarities Delia Smith - Norwich. "I would just describe Stuart Webber with one word: genius. I think he's amazing and we're extremely lucky." The imminent loss of parachute pa…
  • Pablo said: J4cka said: Have to say. Did GP picked the wrong side to start yet again.  Mckay, what can u say? the new whipping boy....why not give ALL the players a break from your scathing attacks. It's not clever and it's not nece…
  • Colin_swansea said: The journey to the old First Division under Tosh was incredible as was the outstanding achievement of finishing 6th, but for whatever reason - StephenR suggests the football was boring, but all I can remember is the excuse…
  • Colin_swansea said: From your posting gary you appear to be no different to the fans I can remember who stayed away during Tosh’s second year in the First Division, many complaining about all and sundry and failing totally to recognise what T…
  • Jac said: Let’s not forget that it was Huw who had to tell him to stop tinkering in November and to utilise Routs and Dyer How do you know that, please?
  • Cor, found 2 at the same time