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  • I'd say it was almost a success - if we had secured Woods and another 2 or 3 loan players. 
  • 'We can't' get automatic promotion this season.
  • Anyone said: Ok. Some good stuff, some not so good. To be expected. Also to be expected, one of our DoFs, and  yes we have two. Said to Radio London that he wouldn’t be accepting any calls from Swansea from now till the end of August. As I’ve s…
  • well done on your 2-4 win against Southend Anyone. Did Woods have a good game?
  • Anyone said: we had already replaced all 3 with cheaper and better players. One alone now was from our B team and now is worth £20 million, a Danish international and a £650,000 signing who we sold the other week for £3.5 million. Beat them home…
  • Anyone said: Thought you lads where better than this. I happen to know the family. But please, continue to take the piss if it gives you pleasure.  He really does act like that to everyone anyone not just you, most on here are decent.
  • Anyone said: I’ve been told by a very close source to Ryan that’s he now committed to Brentford. However Given  the way Brentford work now they may well have judged that he’s reached his potential and at the highest point of sale price ( that’s…
  • Aside from RM's past, I believe that CC has more potential of becoming the better manager. With the defensive type of football he's tried out, it's been putting too many irons in the fire. If he could solely concentrate on more positive, keep posse…
  • That hatred against RM was unreal. Like lots of relationships where one person leaves they can become hated, but at the same time still wanted back. I don't really want to go back over it, but the main thing was the way he left wasn't it?
  • Between RM or CC, I'd say no to RM. There was so much hatred for him after he left, even calling him judus. If he came back, he would never really be trusted again and there would always be that sour taste. With CC, it has to be seen if he can drop …
  • I'm not sure why, it's something that has stuck in my mind. Near the end of his last season with us, I remember getting frustrated with too much passing but not getting many shots off. Also lots of the Swans message boards were discussing it, even m…
  • Near the end with Martinez, he got a bit too obsessed with possession. I got frustrated with the way we were over passing but not getting anywhere. Great in midfield but hardly going into the opponents box or taking any shots. Not as bad as complet…