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  • His touch and control is way off Championship level. Cooper probably made his mind up just watching the games from last season. 
  • He looks like a winger who can play up front. Not a midfielder. Adds pace. Looking tough for the likes of Asoro McKay and CBR to get games as the BBC say we are still looking for another striker.
  • A goalkeeper was badly needed and the Mcburnie money allowed us to get it done.  It doesn't mean we cannot sign a striker, there's still a week to go.  It just doesn't work like one position out and we do nothing until that is addressed. 
  • It always takes a few days from finding out a fee was accepted. Nothing to see right now. 
  • Not sure VDH will want to extend but we need to get Byers a new deal as soon as possible.
  • Be amazed if we spend 5 million on a player and if we do, we shouldn't waste it on an average talent like CCV.
  • Cullen is a striker isn't he? He went.
  • Great to see a number of them get a chance to impress out there. What position is Joe Lewis? We only have 3 proper full backs if he isn't one. This needs to be addressed first.
  • Always interesting when people think players can play other positions. Roberts will be a full back all his career. A very good one too, esp at this level.  Having the ability to get up and down the pitch doesn't automatically mean you can play in ce…
  • That's where Carroll starting the season, alongside Fulton. Until Grimes took over. He can't play anywhere else in a 4-2-3-1. If it's 4-3-3 he could play on the left side of it, like he did for Clement. His best spell for us when he first signed, al…
  • Assuming Cooper is going to play 4-2-3-1, he has Byers/Grimes/Fulton/Caroll for those 2 deeper midfield positions. Considering how tight the restraints are, I cannot see any signing here unless one of the above leaves.  If he's going to play 4-3-3 …
  • Based purely on the Bristol City away game last season, it has to be a bubble I would say.
  • Fair enough mate, I think Cooper has the better back ground if he's true to his word about playing style but I guess we will find out.
  • CT, as in Toshack? He doesn't have as much experience as Cooper? Correct me if I'm wrong but he the only serious role Toshack's had is our u23 coach. Cooper has run Wrexham's Academy, had a similar role at Liverpool (which I doubt they give out easi…
  • A lot of older quotes from him propping up today. If hes a man of his word then he is comitted to possession football. 
  • @Cadleigh just an opinion. No need for that is there. Grow up. 
  • The job just isn't that attractive and I doubt we would pay to get anyone out if a job. It will be a huge gamble whoever it is but at least it's been a thorough process.  They pay off as much as they don't. 
  • Bowyer the latest odds mover. 
  • Steve Cooper the latest to be odds on. 
  • I would agree we shouldn't be hiring him. But it does show that's his style of play, and explains why he is in the running.
  • You can't judge him on QPR, he wasn't there long enough nor was the timing right to put in any style of play of his own. I don't want him but my mate is a Kidderminster season ticket holder and told me they played attractive passing football when he…
  • It's a fair point my friend, won't deny it, but when a fanbase worship a manager for entertaining football it's usually well founded. Sign me up for it, if we reduce possession somewhat so be it. As long as the ball comes out of the back and stays o…
  • These comments make for good reading.  @J4cka opinion or inside track?
  • I think you mis read my post. He is a fit in my view. His Oxford team was incredibly attractive to watch and I heard him say on that podcast his philosphy is possession first with the aim to get attacking players into effective positions. Who doesn'…
  • Not forgetting Appleton is a perfect fit in terms of style of play. Listen to the not the top 20 pod he did last year. Very comfortable developing talent and using the loan market, with proven success in it. I think he's a much better candidate than…
  • Most people just dislike the club and it's fan base, for numerous reasons and have no care about politics. 
  • Try growing up, going through school and then working with Liverpool 'fans'. Just go to Swansea tomorrow night. It will be packed full of them. 99% of them will never go near Anfield in their life. No problem with the genuine fans but this lot don't…
  • All they've done from the off is report on the odds and any random names thrown up by fans. Zero insight or scoops. And now this tripe. Deary me.
  • Absolutely no reliable press links yet the odds move like that. 
  • Also this pushed off the ball in midfield is a myth. Grimes was 4th in the league in tackles won. We had our best run with Grimes and Byers holding in midfield and the unit Leroy Fer nowhere to be seen.