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  • Cabango wasn’t in last Friday’s squad, he could of course have taken a knock or been protected.  On the wider point RGD rightly raises, the relegated U23s shed a fair number of ‘regulars’ in the Summer (e.g. Maric, Reid, King, A Lewis) so some conti…
  • Thanks Colin.  I can’t be 100% certain, but last Friday’s centre half certainly had the same body shape / hair colour as this player Pos.  Pity I couldn’t pick up any French shouting!
  • Dah - having now seen the official site report, I can’t credit I mistook Brandon Cooper for Blake, but I can live with myself for confusing Tom Price with Keiran Evans.  For what it’s worth, both Swans trialists played really well - a big but mobile…
  • Yes, that’s probably a good shout re Gibbings, Colin.  I don’t think I’ve seen Walsh yet, Jasper - is he a wide player?  Due to changing personal circumstances, I’m much less likely to go away first team this season, so really looking forward to see…
  • Thanks Colin. Left winger was slight, lean, dark hair, blonde highlights, could well have been Josh Thomas.  I was very impressed with both our wide players, bearing in mind the quality of the opposition.  I’m still trying to familiarise myself with…
  • Jack Evans was steady, controlling, combative, nothing flashy.  Garrick didn’t feature.
  • What I really liked was our players’ level of fitness.  Kept going throughout- and against a team that played its first Eouropa League game over a month ago.
  • As a bit of a novice to these things... If Al Ahamedi was the sub attacking midfielder yesterday, he looked pretty good.  If he was the sub centre forward yesterday, he didn’t look quite so good!
  • I saw a few of these youngsters get bossed out of a friendly at Merthyr a couple of weeks back, so I know it’s difficult to judge. I’d not seen Al Ahemedi before yesterday, but he looked quite assured as the most attacking midfielder in the 2nd half…
  • Charlton certainly looked very well drilled, hopefully what we should be aspiring to, but our youngsters gave it a good go before succumbing to 2 goals in the last 11 minutes.  Not sure who our keeper was, decent shot stopper, but the first goal was…
  • Thanks Colin - also for putting me right about Jayden Reid.  Pretty sure Makokwe played first half yesterday.  The Charlton coach was a booming fella called Steve Avory, who’s got a long track record of developing Charlton talent, including Jonjo Sh…
  • Went along to the U18s game v Charlton yesterday at Landore.  Lost 3-1 to a stronger side after being 1 up.  No teamsheet & it was my first time at the academy, so I was largely guessing identities.  Mass substitutions disrupted the rhythm, but …