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  • We'll be lucky to make play offs. No shots on target,  no creativity,  not enough from the 5 star earners. Midfield lacking power. No striker back up. Questionable selection and not enough squad strengthening.  Familiar.
  • Unfortunately a few key players have gone backwards with this coaching/ manager regime. If you look at who was short listed with Cooper you can see that lower division British managers were targeted . Rock and hard place....troubled times
  • I'm sure Britton and Birch will give Cooper a fair chance. But style of play is quite fudgy with us at this moment and we don't create enough chances.  Perhaps the Cooper way needs a bit more strength and pace in certain areas.  Will he get the requ…
  • Don't take me homePlease don't take me homeJust don't think you understandBorjas here to stayHe ain't going to Spain etc. ...etc 
  • Who is this Massivlee Indette we hear a lot about?
  • Hopefully Mike V. De Hoorn stays. Big loss if he leaves. Mr consistency for us.
  • Just waiting for the next 30 million pound black hole to appear in our accounts. Fit and proper....due diligence my ** rse.  Where next to kick the loyal fanbase who commit hard earned cash to support their club?
  • Good article by Guto Llewellyn in Swansea Evening Post.  It emphasises pre season friendly matches are just that...friendlies. No season start can be based on how the July friendly results panned out. The style of footie looks fast and demands high …
  • Trevor Birch era has been almost a breath of fresh air. But remember the dozen or more players we were linked with last Summer only to lose out. Ken Sema to Watford and Ryan Woods to Stoke spring to mind as quality footballers who we should have si…
  • Big month for Messrs Kaplan and Levein and our associated owners. They could bridge a great communication divide by committing to the 4 or 5  important signings needed . Trevor Birch seems to be setting a more transparent dynamic than HJ. Great to …
  • Declan John not the answer for me.  Keeper position could do with strengthening too. Hopefully the club can get the necessary strengthening in to supplement some exciting youngsters. Rutledge looking fit and hungry.
  • TenbySwan said: It would be interesting to see where all the money has gone in the last few years. TV money. Parachute payments all gone where? Quite agree.
  • Have us fans set our sights too low in the wish list for new players? Personally ,to compete in the championship I'd like to see two strikers added PLUS Mcburnie to stay . A Dan James replacement, goalkeeper , full back and a Joe Allen type signi…
  • Let's hope the chairman is asked some searching questions on the decaying and rusting exterior of Liberty stadium. Can never ending court cases afford to strangle much needed attention to the stadium fabric?