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  • Rarely does a player polarise opinion so much. My opinion is that Matt Grimes has been one of our best players for a few years.. He is always available for the ball, isn’t afraid to put his foot in, very comfortable and always has his head up lookin…
  • Great to be back in a crowd and the Jack Army were superb. Brilliant how they turned cheers for McBurnie into “w**nker, w**ker” after he’d been his normal irritating self! I enjoyed the game. Probably much better in the stadium than on TV. The Swans…
  • A good way not to spend. Don’t appoint a manager until transfers closed?
  • What an embarrassment for our football club. What are Winter’s credentials? We used to have managers queuing up. Something is very seriously wrong with our owners / executives. It wasn’t like this with Huw!
  • Best wishes Nathan. Strong, skilful, always tracked back, brilliant with Angel Rangel. i’ll always remember how, with strength and skill, he was able to take long balls from the keeper, no matter how big the fullback marking him - we could do with …
    in Nathan Dyer Comment by Bob July 30
  • https://www.scfc2.co.uk/forums/discussion/comment/80300#Comment_80300 Don’t tell me what I would do or say Pablo. You haven’t got a clue. I loved the entertainment of our previous style, giving the big teams a fright before finally being outplayed b…
  • Not “Cooper bashing” but negative or “anti-football” bashing. We all pay our season ticket fees but expect different levels of entertainment. I never again want to see the Swans setting up scared of the opposition at our level as we did against Bren…
  • 8 man defence, defending a 1 goal lead, no positive subs until too late, long balls punted upfield, playing in white.Oh so painful to watch.
  • James, Naughton, Conr Roberts, Ayew etc part of the game. Just drive into the penalty box and if someone sticks a leg out, so be it.
  • Facts: 7 shots on target last4 games. nearly bottom of the table for any shots at all. decreasing possession stats. increasing long ball stats. kicking to touch to gain yardage. constant head tennis, Totally shite football for many, including me. We…
    in COOPER Comment by Bob July 2
  • England - 3 full backs, 2 centre halves, 2 defensive midfielders, no service to the centre forward. Bringing out a cold sweat thinking of our season to come. Cant believe no room for Grealish, Mount or Foden. Sc must have been on the same coaching c…
  • Potter had experience and success abroad and in Europe before playing a lovely style of football at Swansea. Not really a comparison.
    in COOPER Comment by Bob June 29
  • Give him a week to make up his mind. Just get on with it, I’m getting bored with the whole thing. If he doesn’t want to be here, fec off.
  • Why does Ampadhu get sent off but not Pepe? Same challenge, yellow card, and not even reviewed.
  • Let’s face up to it. Once Denmark had made the tactical change after 20 minutes we were well beaten. There was no change in the way we played. Dan James didn’t get a kick, Moore showed that he is a limited championship player easily managed by the D…
  • That negative back 5 is failing again. We must change to 4 at the back (and I hope we never see a back 5 again next season).
  • https://www.scfc2.co.uk/forums/discussion/comment/78990#Comment_78990 ‘Kin hell Pablo. We’ve been saying that about the Swans for the last 2 years and you’ve defended them to the hilt!
  • https://www.scfc2.co.uk/forums/discussion/comment/78848#Comment_78848 Grimes has been one of our best players over last 3 seasons in my opinion. I will be gutted to see him go unless for a large sum of cash.
  • If we play like we did last season but in front of a crowd, I am sure the message will be heard loud and clear. Was Woodman really constantly kicking for touch for yardage? He can’t be that crap with his feet?
    in COOPER Comment by Bob June 8
  • England for me if Southgate concentrates on England winning rather than not losing (sounds familiar?) and doesn’t play Henderson. I hope Wales have a good run again as following them through Europe last time was one of the best holidays I’ve had.
  • It wasn’t just “90 minutes of football” that decided which division we were in. Add on all the time that Cooper decided to try not to lose the final, rather than positively trying to win and you will get the real time of the anti-climax to our seaso…
  • https://www.scfc2.co.uk/forums/discussion/comment/78327#Comment_78327 The reality was that nobody expected us to win but everybody expected us to have a good go at it. I won’t get over the fact that we set up trying not to lose and then spent 90 mi…
  • Bad good season. The football has been dire but we have ground out results. We were never going to win today the way Cooper set us up from the start. The negativity was ingrained by the time we had to play football. My main wish would be to have a b…
  • The disappointment isn’t so much the losing but the not giving it a go. Negative from the start, allowing a team like Brentford to come at you was not a good decision.
  • Game over with negative tactics from the start.
  • Barnsley have been playing well to get into play offs and we grabbed a very lucky win up there. It is going to be very tough but if we are brave and go out with the intention to win we can do this over two legs.
  • Matt Grimes for me, Guehi close second.
  • Im afraid I disagree Colin. The change of style of football by Martinez was completely obvious in the very first games in charge. If I remember rightly our first home game was a 0.0 draw but I went home ecstatic with the change and barely have miss…
  • We need to come 2nd or 3rd and avoid Brentford.