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  • So Club put a a £20m + price tag on J R and then sell him for half that figure less than 3 weeks later. No wonder Mourinho was calling Levy a " Genius" yesterday what does that say about our CEO? Just a minute we went to Spurs a few weeks …
    in Joe Rodon Comment by bigoak October 17
  • That's the thing, We are not that short of money that we need to give away out top talent at knock down prices. The short of money ruse is very convenient ,would love to see the real cash accounts!
    in Joe Rodon Comment by bigoak October 17
  • Yes. Being a keen advocate for Legal action from the outset, I am afraid to say now its too late. Not legally ( 6 year rule) but has i warned in the beginning, These Hedge Fund v…
  • Hi You may be right that Kaplan "has better things to do" .However, He will not be involved at all with the Company or its day to day affairs. it would be illegal unde…
  • There is nothing in this at all . In fact it is a typical hedge Fund move. Horses for Courses so to speak. Kaplans role has been achieved for the shareholders. What should concern fans is this. Who has taken over from his and what is his expertise. …
  • One has heard so many new CEO,s say the exact same thing has this, its all rather obvious and unnecessary. What we need to know is 1 : What is going to happen in our Playing Squad today, Re In/Outs ? 2 : What the heck was he playing Saturday, whe…
  • Fantastic player for us He world walk into my All time Swans 11. " Memories ,Pressed between the pages of your mind. Memories ,sweetened through the ages just like wine. Kind of sums up how i feel about those days of watching Tommy , Paul Rayno…
  • We all recall the rumors surrounding Dyer and an ex Director. ND went of on loan to Leicester for a season winning a Championship medal . then came back with a four year contract. I recall some raised eye brows at its length, but for me well dese…
  • They where deducted the points because thats what the Rules demand .  If there is any blame here its jointly between the Previous owners and the fit to purchase check on the new owners.  or lack of it. 
    in Wigan Comment by bigoak July 31
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Was done at ticket office now refunded . thanks for the advice much appreciated  
  • Have  e mailed again , Am believed they intended to refund all tickets automatically? Its strange they have not refunded me for 3 tickets. Any suggestions?
  • Can you help please. I purchased 3 tickets for the Leeds game, e mailed regarding a refund .still ot had it. Been trying to contact someone at club with no joy. Can you advise please?
  • Well after several extremely bad windows this one is encouraging inits simplicity and decisions based on "Football" rather than cash. we got rid of some very poor performers and brought in a bit of hope. 
  • Lets hope we are not swapping places with them! There is no need what so ever to sell Ayew this window.  Lets hope the collective brains now running the football side see that otherwise we will be on a slow decline to oblivion.  ohh for our club bac…
  • What ever he is its working for the lad, he served us well and for me i wish him all the success in the world
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Yes Second Div , 
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Hi Moorlands.  Of course your right , and no one begrudges them a profit on their risk. But its how you make it that is the issue. For example. They Employed Bob Bradly to run a Prem Team despite the fact that he ha…
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Hi Moorland, No on the contrary .  If you recall have been saying the same thing for several years recall being attacked on a regular basis in the old Forum. What i am saying is simple. The club is run for the owners to make profit …
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Yet we can afford too Appoint Curt and Leon? And most of our squad are not on Prem Wages, you also forgot too mention the Parachute Payments and Commercial Revenue. Think your falling for the Hype Jasper. Are yo u s…
  • I dont blame Cooper, ok he has struggled ,but he has a limited sqd to pick from ,come on guys the fault lays with the owners whwo are simply cashing in whilst they can ALL 40  0F THEM. Cooper is inexperienced Potter could not wit to get out when he …
  • Guys We are being made fools of  7 years in prem and £65 million in cash from sales just this season and we cant afford a Championship Sqd?  The slide is not going to be stoped by no signings this window. vote with your feet .dont attend home games …
  • Great Post Jackareme, and in many ways I agree ( see my post All I want for Christmas ) but we can all see what we need in front of goal and i am at a loss to understand why the club wont invest .if they are has ambitious as the fans surly they woul…
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Oh there is, Quality ,Experience of Manger
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Exactly, But why?  What does that say about the real Ambition of the Owners. Its obvious we need more than 1 player n=that a club wants to get rid off 
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Hi Colin, I think ,if handled correctly they will enhance the Trust.  I was once chair of a Supporters Club and we found it attracted all types of fans. Most popular was our Travel Club .and Supporters league we helped set up
  • Hi Do you guys pick up in Carmarthen for Home/Away games?
  • Hi Jack, Well ,his experience and current form seems too be too good reasons
  • Surly the question is ,why NOT make Ayew Vice Captain? 
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