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  • Match Discussion: Luton Town v Swans - Championship 2021/22

    Only right solution was a red and an extended ban for violent conduct

    Not a mistimed tackle for which the normal 3 game ban is applied

    That looked like a 5 to 8 game ban

    All they will do is demote the ref for a while

  • Compo for Cooper

    Compo paid, Cooper's gardening leave over and he will no doubt be back to haunt us, just like ex players do all the time

    When Roberto started us off on possession football, it worked quite quickly, and on he went to Wigan Everton Belgium and maybe Barcelona before too long

    They can't all be wrong about possession football

    If RM2 works out half as well as RM1 he will have done us proud

    As Graham Potter said, it takes support from the top and a bit of patience

    Mind you, GP had Rodon Roberts James and McBurnie in his team so he had some decent resources to work with

  • Clubs a joke

    US ownership, simple logic

    Sales must equal or exceed purchases

    Wages overall must be reduced, as parachute gone

    Out Connor 2.5 Lowe 1.5 Dan 1.5 total 5.5

    In Piroe 1.0 Obafemi 1.6 Downes 1.0 Joseph 0.6 total 4.2

    It's a business, no more, to them

    We've done well in the market

    Now we find out what we've bought

  • Summer Transfer Window 2021

    I stand corrected about Bob L and Everton but he was fantastic that first season

    Maybe Ntcham can be the player he was, who knows

    Still think we have 3 too many MF's for players to get regular game time

    All fit and in form and it's going to be Grimes Downes and Ntcham with others filling in

  • Match Discussion: Preston North End v Swans - Championship 2021/22

    We haven't seen a full strength fully fit team playing RM style yet so how that style really works yet to be seen

    We might have a better idea in October


    You need a basic style - possession or pressing and hitting on the break or whatever

    Then you need the opposite style as a fallback

    You play your favoured style

    And you fall back to the other one if plan A is not working

    Citeh or Chelsea or Liverpool can play their favoured style all the time

    Pretty much everybody else can't

    Cooperball problem was we had attritional style football, and when attritional didn't work, we could not come out and play differently - hence play off failure

    RM style needs a pragmatic alternative

    Results do matter