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  • Cooper morphing into Monk

    What's the saying can't make an omelette without breaking eggs?
    Manager needs to make mistakes to learn
    Yes at the moment it's gone a bit stodgy but it's not like we're being hammered every week
    I didn't think we would do this well so I'm not disappointed
    Baston is improving and we have players like Petersen Kalulu and Carroll to come in and offer something different
    Personally I'm not terribly interested in getting into the back room at the casino where everybody gets fleeced of huge amounts
    We had seven years of that
    All the money has done is create massive refereeing bias against almost all the smaller clubs
    Who needs it?
    Just enjoy the football and let's try not to project doom despondency and incompetence onto a manager who has to learn his trade in a very public arena
    Decent job so far but I have no expectations of promotion only of a financially sound club decent football and a decent finish
    Anything  else is a bonus
  • Let's take stock.

    Why don't we take stock again when the window has closed?
    By then we may have beaten/lost to Hull
    Signed/ not signed a McBurnie replacement
    So far we lost a winger and signed a replacement
    Lost a LB and signed a replacement
    Lost Fer and haven't replaced ( but would anyone say they noticed his absence? )
    Lost a loan CB and replaced him with another one
    Lost McBurnie ( but reintegrated Borja into the squad ) and have 8 days to find a replacement
    Lost the manager and his staff and hired another manager with a promising set of staff
    Lost the Chairman and replaced him with a highly experienced one who didn't sell the club - his predecessor did
    All in all that is NOT by any measure a complete shambles
    We need a striker yes but we needed one all last season
    Let's check in again next week shall we?
  • Potter- Has he done the right thing?

    Does somebody care about BHA's manager?
    It's his problem not ours
  • Breaking: Dan James to Utd for £15m

    Neither club is saying anything has happened and Wales Online is saying there has been no approach
    Being referred to as the alternative to Man U getting Jadon Sancho from Dortmund for a lot more money than the £15m quoted for Dan
    Sancho had a very good season in Germany but is he worth 5 times as much as Dan?
  • Match Discussion: Swans v Manchester City - FA Cup Quarter Final 2018/19

    I am going to keep referring to last weekend's match as " when Swans beat Man Citeh 2-1 in the FA Cup quarter final"
    Although we are NOT appearing in the semi we won by 2 legit goals to one
    Good enough for me
    VAR and we would be in the semi fancying our chances
    FA owes us a big lump of money maybe