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  • Match Discussion: Millwall v Swans - Championship 2020/21

    Agree 100%. Cooper's taken a lot of criticism, much of it justified, but hats off he got all the big calls right today. Routledge as a false 9 made such a difference, with his composure on the ball, something that's been so sorely lacking.

    That performance proved that Lowe and Ayew aren't as knackered as some have made out. Mentally fatigued perhaps, but those goals should make all the difference confidence wise for the run in. All three goals were top drawer, but especially Lowe's second. Really pleased for him.

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Brentford - Championship 2020/21

    How we managed a draw having not even had one decent shot the whole game (the goal obviously not counting) beggars belief. Entirely predictable when we were only interested, as has been so often the case under Cooper, in attacking down the flanks. We are so, so predictable. If it wasn't bad enough that we were so one-dimensional, it was made worse by attacking mainly down the left, where Bidwell just chucked away possession time after time. Was Cooper blind to what was happening? In the second half I nearly fell off my chair when we managed to break the defensive lines with a through ball in a central area.

    Brentford, in stark contrast, showed so much more variety in their play, going through the middle, out wide and playing it long at times. Oh, for such attacking diversity.

    We were typically good at defending our area, but got our just desserts with far too much cynical defending further up the pitch.

    I imagine Cooper will feel fully vindicated yet again by us gaining a point. His limited approach with regard to the offensive side of things may be good enough for the play-offs, but I can't see it being good enough for automatic promotion. Things need to evolve.

  • Match Discussion: Barnsley v Swans - Championship 2020/21

    Well that was extremely predictable. No doubt many will have Cooper down as some sort of managerial genius. The team preparation must have taken all of a minute - if that. Defend your box, and any possession - just hoof it down field to anyone or no one. When you have players of Guehi, Roberts and Naughton's ability hoofing every single ball then you know that the tactics must have been pretty primitive. No doubt Cooper will feel totally vindicated by the goal, but the first 45 minutes were bad, very bad.

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Luton Town - Championship 2020/21

    I think Cullen deserves a bit more love after his showing today. I though it was comfortably his best performance today (not that he's done that great to date). He looked lively in and out of possession and showed a good touch. It's not his fault that he got virtually no ball at all after the first quarter of an hour. Put in one lovely cross to Ayew - who could have put Bidwell in on the back post with a glancing header.

  • Match Discussion: Bristol City v Swansea City - Championship 2020/21

    The only player who consistently practices pass and move is Connor Roberts, but it's not an approach that works well if you're the only one doing it - he really needs players on the same wavelength. It's not surprising that, as with Grimes, Roberts isn't showing his top game since Potter left.

    Having said that, one positive aspect of Connor's performance against Bristol City was his set piece delivery. His corners were excellent, plenty of pace and bend. His free kick that led to Ayew's header against the underside of the bar was sublime.