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  • Roma

    read today that their players and manager have forfeited, not deferred, 4 months wages. And are also paying to top the clubs staff up to their full wage. For all the warm, fluffy headlines I have seen on footballers, this is the first I have seen with such substance.
  • My next team and reasons for what it;s worth

    Watched Gallagher last night. Lovely assist and then, later, a fortunate one made good by the quality of Brewster. In between (about an hour) he pretty much lost the ball every time he got it. It's impossible to build a possession based attacking move (my definition of this mythical "Swansea Way") if him or Celina are constantly losing balls that should not be lost. This used to be my criticism of Routs but as the bar has dropped and he has aged well, it's not his problem any more.

    VDH for sure if fit. And would have been my captain for 2 years now.
  • Match Discussion: Hull City v Swans - Championship 2019/20

    I take your point about two CBs of 19/20. I just don't see what Guehi offers that Cabango doesnt and at least then we would be developing our own
  • My next team and reasons for what it;s worth

    This would be my next 11. I'm not taking into account opposition (don't even know who they are off the top of my head) but the strongest 11 we have available and my reasoning. Feel free to pick it apart and I'd be interested to read other peoples.

    Roberts        Cabango/Wilmot        Rodon        Bidwell
                         Naughton               Grimes
    Garrick                           Ayew                            Routs

    Woodman could do with a break for sure. Mulder was great for a spell last year and inexplicably dropped. What have we got to lose?

    Torn between Cabango and Wilmot.

    Key man is Naughton. I personally think Grimes is a great player. Hard worker, lovely passer, intelligent and wins more ball than anyone else even on his off days. I wouldn't have him as captain but I think he has really been suffering from the lack of a decent, responsible partner. Naughton played magnificently in that position against a world class Chelsea side 2 years ago. He has it in him.

    I very much want to see Garrick develop and think Naughton on the right will help that. But not necessarily at right back because...

    The team might look a tad defensive with Naughts in there but I think it could liberate the talented Grimes and also exploit one of the best weapons in our squad - two very good overlapping full backs. Bidwell is not the greatest in build up play and is an average defender but he is bloody good bombing forward as is Connor.

    Routs has the intelligence to facilitate Bidwell and Garrick can learn this on the job re Connor under the watchful eye of Naughts, a clever old pro now.

    Brewster has to play - end of. Ayew central and freeish. I dont go along with the view that we should never play him wide - I think left would be ok where he would naturally favour outside - I just don't ever want to see him on the right where he unbalances us and has hampered Connor massively. Him and Routs could interchange very intelligently during a game and Routs would do this naturally from the left.

    You'll notice no Celina or Gallagher. Bench and told to watch Ayew and learn about ball retention and fighting to get it back when it's lost. Given a clear message that he has achieved more than them combined yet he does not play like a luxury player. They'll get on if we need to chase the game but maybe not before Kalulu who I definitely haven't written off yet.

    Fantasising about a decent line up/formation has cheered me up a bit. Disagreement as welcome as agreement.
  • January Transfer Window 2020

    If you remove one game at Anfield from my memory, then I think Carroll just gave me more pleasure yesterday than he did in his whole time playing for us. Especially under Clement, I can't think of a Swans player who has been forgiven substandard performances and still picked so many times. Obviously that opinion takes into account where the club are and the quality of the players not getting picked.