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  • Match Discussion: Swans v Wigan Athletic - Championship 2019/20

    As fans, we all have our own little obsessions within a football match. I think mine is to watch a conceded goal or near miss over and over looking at the effort of each player. I do this a lot.

    Yesterday we lost the ball in their box and the right back advanced. Celina made no effort to chase but, to be fair, had chased down the ball in the box. Gallagher made a half-hearted challenge on the full back and then jogged gently behind him despite being able to see the defenders had become very narrow. Ayew had a jog and thought better of it. Byers jogged back and, as a result, was completely off balance when he could have got involved. Grimes jogged back from quite an advanced position, made a decision, became the only one to pump his legs, and got into a meaningful goal-side position.

    Before anyone calls me negative about 4 of our players, that's not why I'm posting this. Quite the opposite. Grimes has taken a slating on forums this season. He has rarely been caught out by this analysis though. Try it. I'm willing to back Grimes if you do this on all the goals we concede for the next 10 games.

    Before anyone replies "well it's his job and not so much the others"...I watched Liverpool v Spurs last week. Liverpool were pressing. Salah stepped out of the box, took a pass and played one of the worst I've seen since Renato Sanches left the country. 4 yards to a Spurs player. 5 seconds later he was deep in his own half standing next to Gomez. More talent than all the players I've mentioned previously combined and he still sees that as part of his job.

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    Thank you for all the work you do on my favourite website. You are very much appreciated.. .:)
  • Match Discussion: Wales v Hungary - Euro 2020 Qualifier

    I'm 50. That means that as a kid I was bitterly disappointed every 2 years at how close we could get and the ways the world could find for it to go wrong. Even the bloody floodlights.

    the upshot of that conditioning is that I find myself reprimanding Wilson for shooting with 50 seconds to go cos in my head that's enough time for Hungary to get two. Are the other oldies as scarred and paranoid as me?
  • Match Discussion: Wigan Athletic v Swans - Championship 2019/20

    Posters on here often get labelled Happy Clappers or Doom Mongers. Like it or not I'm a bit of a happy clapper. But I have just one question...even in the Twilight Zone that is the Champ, has a team ever played worse and gone to the top of the league? We absolutely stank.
  • Match Discussion: Charlton Athletic v Swans - Championship 2019/20

    5 points separating 1st and 11th. You've got to love the championship. May not have the quality but so much more interesting than the Prem.

    BTW out of our 10 games, 6 have been against that top 11 - 4 of them away and 10 points from those aways. Not bad at all.

    What did they say to Celina at half time? All through the first half he was slow and measured against a full back who has not had games. Lost count how many times he accelerated away from him with his first touch in the second half.

    Anyone else watching the end screaming for fresh legs? Borja had put a shift in and looked tired. I see the logic of not subbing a man who is useful under the late aerial onslaught but it means there is no-one up when we hoof the clearance. I never feel happy doing that for 10 mins. There has to be mileage in bringing on a speed merchant (and we had one on the bench) and telling him to stay as high as he can - half way line or further. Give the attacking team something to worry them and distract from all out attack. Not many managers do it but it seems to work well on the odd occasion they do.

    Seen a lot of comments about width recently. The thing I noticed was that Ayew played about 4 lovely passes all with his left. Nearly all Celina's good work was his right. The sides they played will mean that they will naturally cut in. What do people think would happen if they played a more traditional way and the leftie was on the left and the rightie on the right? Would probably mean we get to the byline more but SC clearly has his reasons? Would bet Borja would love them switched round.

    Seen Ayew's first goal again and from Fulton's feet, I don't reckon that ball went out. We definitely haven't got to the top of the div on the back of refs in recent weeks.