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  • Match Discussion: Charlton Athletic v Swans - Championship 2019/20

    a) I like Byers but he doesn't have the creativity of Celina. For me step one of getting back to scoring is putting Celina back to No 10. Leaving Byers as either replacing Fulton in the starting line up or subbing Celina when Celina is not performing in the No 10 slot

    b) the lack of pace complaint. There has not been a lack of pace on the left and Bidwell was always doing lots of overlaps. For me the problem is Andre. He doesn't have the pace to take on a defender and get to the byline. The only way Andre beats a defender is by receiving the ball then trying to use his body mass whilst facing our goal to try and gradually turn around the corner inside to get past him. To do this Andre chews up the best part of 10 seconds and the opposing players are now all back in defensive formation. Secondly in doing that he severely limits Roberts ability to attack. With Dyer or Routs they will take one or two quick touches and square the ball into the attacking Roberts. Andre doesn't do this so our right wing is where the main problem is in terms of the pace of the attacking. Andre is also not an assist player. If he turns his defender he wants to play a one two with someone to get him in on goal. Nothing wrong with that but that's all he does with the one exception of Saturday when holy of holy's he actually crossed a ball into the box. We need Dyer or Routs on the right so that fluidity and speed of attack returns on the right side
  • Match Discussion: Swans v Nottingham Forest - Championship 2019/20

    Grimes should have taken him out near the goal line methinks
  • Match Discussion: Swans v Nottingham Forest - Championship 2019/20

    Nottingham Forest have lost only one of their last 11 matches in all competitions (W7 D3 L1).
  • What has happened to our possession game in the first 3 league matches?

    @Colin_swansea I watched every game last season except the WBA away game. I tracked all the stats in 4 quarters of 11 matches and leaving the last 2 to hang off the end. I can assure you that Swanselona had truly returned in the last quarter of the season.

    I'll go check my stats but I think in the 1st 11 games we only had above 65% possession once. In the last quarter I think we hit that mark 7 or 8 times with most of those in the 70's.

    So we had that leon Britton pass/move play back with Grimes/Fulton/Celina in midfield. They are still here.
  • Daniel James just scored for Man U

    A recent article puts DJ's value at 40 to 50m already after his impressive start to his Man U career. I trust we have a nice sell on clause in that contract