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  • Match Discussion: Swans v Brentford - FA Cup 5th Round 2018/19

    If sold it should only be to a top Prem Lge team. By the summer his value should be 20m
  • Pearlman in today's Jack Magazine

    @MarkG No I dont want any of the young guns leaving. I am just second guessing why Pearlman says we are 30m short even afte all the transfers made. Second guessing that he is laying the groundwork to sell some of them in the summer
  • Mr Chris Pearlman COO. £3/4m p.a.

    From the Dc United forum. Sound familiar.

    "I know Kevin Payne was a polarizing figure, but at least when he was President of DC United there was the appearance of someone who cared about the soccer and the fans. This FO has no visible face other than Jason Levien who seems like a part-time executive that only cares about the stadium.

    There just doesn't seem to be anyone at all in a day-to-day position of authority with the club who has a public face.

    Payne? gone
    Doug Hicks? gone

    Not to mention the myriad of other customer facing people who have left over the years. 

    DC United used to be about relationships with the fans and the community. Maybe that had to change to change at some point, but it is kind of sad to realize this is really just a business, they don't really care about us as fans, just the dollar we pump into the team."

    Everyone should be chanting his name when he comes on the pitch v Millwall. Let him know he is one of our hero's
  • Aaron Lewis

    “There’s no better place to make your Football League debut in League One than at Fratton Park,” McCann said.

    “An old stadium, 18,000 inside, the atmosphere was brilliant and he just got on with his job, he was calm, assured, tidy in possession.

    “He can give it a bit as well. He’s got something about him.

    “He’s a good player Aaron, that is why we brought him to the football club.”

    Lewis dealt superbly with Portsmouth’s highly-rated winger Ronan Curtis and did so despite picking up a yellow card early in the game.

    He was excellent,” McCann said. “He can play off his right foot or his left foot.

    “He was up against one of the best wide players in the league and dealt with him very comfortably indeed.