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  • FFS

    In and of itself, the McBurnie deal is a good deal. Birch has done well. I'm sorry but he's just not worth that kind of money. So I've got no complaints on that score.

    It's the shambolic succession planning and timing of it that doesn't stand up, as several others have pointed out. 

    If, as many seem to think, Borja is only good for 45 minutes on the weekend, that's a joke tbh. Even if they can register a loanee by tomorrow evening then realistically what can he offer with less than 48 hours prep? 

    Badly executed in every way bar the price.
    So what would have been the most convenient time/date for you then Gary? Have you stopped to think that maybe just maybe We didn't want to sell Oli but desperately need to get AA, Borja and Montero off the books as they are draining us and that as we still seem to be stuck with them with no sign of anyone taking them, we are left with the only thing we can do. Sell Oli, get as much as we can in order for us to cover the wages of the aforementioned three! It's not ideal but if it's all we can do so be it, moaning and bitching isnt going to change a thing!
  • The last two weeks and transfers out


    with you on Ayew, but disagree on Oli - I’d have taken the £15m by now personally, but if someone wants to go to £20m that is insane money for a very good poacher but one who can’t run or hold the ball up. Imo he’s a £5m, £10m player absolute max. 
  • Match Discussion: Swans v Atalanta - Friendly 2019/20

    Byers & Routledge have slight injury concerns.
  • What do we need more a new young CB or a 25yo CB with experience?

    If SC believes the kids are good enough and wants to give them a chance that's fine by me I will fully support them. Equally if he decides that a youngster from a premier side would be a better option to back VDH and Joe up I will support them. I have said  before there are too many managers on this site.
  • Bidwell

    And John played better in the attacking half, maybe Bidwell at LB and John on left wing?