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  • No Transfer Budget

    I find myself in total agreement with you Cadders! I thought he came across very well, very positive, no silly promises either. He had my support before this but I am now really behind him and looking forward to pre-season and then the big kick-off.
  • Steve Cooper

    here, here Gareth. 

    everyone bleated on here about when we turned into every other club clinging on to PL status, losing our identity and playing boring football, struggling every game. Me included.

    Last season, despite its tribulations, was more excitement than we had seen on the pitch in 3 or 4 years (odd exception Palace 5-4; Liverpool 3-2 at Anfield aside).

    And we got that by taking a punt on a manger last summer, despite many comments about his his lack of experience of managing in the English leagues etc, etc. 

    Well, this guy has nearly 20 years of coaching behind him. Worked at the biggest club in Europe. Won a World Cup. 

    So I'll take him vs headcases like Poyet or people sacked more than once, thanks very much. Certainly done more than CT or JE.

    We need to embrace this appointment.
    Spot on, last season was quite an enjoyable ride, all be it with a few frustrations, quite a few of our defeats should never have happened and but for them we would have made the play-offs for sure. Who would have predicted that. I am looking forward to see how the new set up works.
  • So what are you all doing this fine day...

    DubDragon said:

    Obviously you've got your classics like
    GOT.. SOA.. Vikings... similar good ones.. Last Kingdom and the Mayans.
    I really got into Cobra Kai... but I was a fan of the original film and they're only 30 mins long.
    Dark Matter.. The Expanse... The 100.. Colony.. Lost In Space.. Project Blue Book  and KillJoys are excellent if you like sci-fi series.
    Condor.. The Last Ship... Magnum PI.. Lethal Weapon.. FBI.. SWAT.. Jack Ryan...
    The list goes on and on...

    We also enjoy other stuff like...
    Expedition Unknown (love this)
    Paranormal shows like... Paranormal Lockdown.. Dead Files... Ghost Adventures... (I know... sad )

    Damn I watch too much tv lol

    @DubDragon a man after my own heart, some very good reccomendations there. Sorry to hear about your wife.
  • The new manager is.....

    cecil said:
    Frankly,Im not that keen on our style of play.Goalkeeper to full backs,back to keeper return to full backs then back to keeper who then hoofs balls to opposition who then get a corner and score from it. Nor a frail collection of midfielders literally being bullied and shoved off the ball.Not keen on dominating possession then losing to basic feck ups-but each to his own.
    Not keen, good God there is no pleasing some!!
  • Huw Jenkins

    Wasn't Monk offered the chance for someone with experience to work with him. He turned it down! Jenkins should have made it a condition of the job.