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  • Huw Jenkins

    Wasn't Monk offered the chance for someone with experience to work with him. He turned it down! Jenkins should have made it a condition of the job.
  • Jenkins gone

    Cadleigh said:
    Majority of people on this Forum wanted him gone and were utterly relentless in criticism of him regardless of his past record. I think that has played a part in his decision to go.

    I hope it doesn’t come back to bite us in the arse. If it does I trust those of you who wanted this to happen man up and own the consequences of your actions.
    Rubbish, he was thick skinned when it came to our criticism of him. He would have continued on his ego trip if it was just that. Clearly something else has forced him to go!
  • Peaceful ways to protest.

    I have never understood why a fan would drink before and during a game, afterwards to either celebrate or drown one's sorrows yes but the idea of spending 90 minutes half pissed!!
  • January 2019 Transfer Window

    Cadleigh said:
    cadleigh, you are taking the term out of context and you are also not clear on the derivative of the word. read the link I posted above!

    I don't think it dawned on the poster or anyone else on her what the religious background is of the owners. 

    so if anyone is making this into an anti Semitic insult, it is you! and you are wrong, and doing the cause of fighting bigotry more harm than good.
    Mark - I carefully read all the articles on the derivation of ‘shyster’ before posting on this subject, including the article from the legal website that you shared. I am completely clear about the various theories about the origins of the phrase. I am also clear that - whatever the word originally meant, or is taken to mean by most people who use it - SOME people use it as a form of anti-Semitic abuse. That’s why I feel uncomfortable when a word that is undeniably used by anti-semites is used on here to refer to our Jewish owners.

    I said in my first post that I wasn’t accusing j4cka of using it in an anti-semitic way. But it only takes one person to think they are in on a ‘joke’ for things to go very badly wrong.

    If you can demonstrate to me that no one ever uses the term ‘shylock’ as a form of anti-Semitic abuse, I will apologise. If not then please accept that they do, regardless of the origin of the word.

    The word ‘slut’ originally meant a person (usually a woman but not always) who was dirty or unkempt. Its first recorded use was by Chaucer, to refer to a man, in fact. People co-opt words. Sad but true.
    What about fuckwits, do you have a problem with that Sadleigh!
  • January 2019 Transfer Window

    BigG said:
    Almost comical to read this now if things weren't so sh*t!