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    I going for Hull at home!!
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    Cadleigh said:

    @Sorted! Now we have a good spread of predictions covering all the main bases. I’ll probably add two more buckets soon - one for definitely deceased predictions and one for triumphantly correct ones. I can see a couple of BigOak’s that look like they are heading for the first bucket and one of PaulT’s that looks nailed on for the second one. (Any thoughts on this week’s lottery numbers, Paul?)

    On the running of the club

    Birch is here to help the Americans maximise the amount of money they can remove from the club in the shortest possible time (Andrew2)

    Birch will do his best to lower costs even more, and try and sell it as a profitable League One club for £5m or so. (Andrew2)

    Leon will probably not accept a role at the club (Phillip) Rest In Peace...

    On the future of the club

    The owners plan to take the club either into administration or take us down to League One and sell it on for £5 million or so (Andrew2)

    When the owners leave, there will be no playing assets, and no money in the club (Andrew2)

    The much loved academy will be empty and unused (Andrew2)

    We are doomed. (OnceAJack)              

    The club will rise from the ashes come what may (SeaJack)

    On players coming and going

    McBurnie will go to Sheffield or Brighton (Phillip)

    We will sell at least two more key players by September 2nd (not including DJ). For the avoidance of doubt, I classify the following as 'key': VdH, Naughton, Roberts, Rodon, Grimes, Celina, McBurnie. (Gary)

    There will be a fire sale on the players this transfer window (BigOak)

    Most of our players will want to leave this transfer window (BigOak)

    There will be no players brought in on contract worthy of our shirt (BigOak)

    On prospects for next season

    We will be relegated to League One by the end of 2019/20 (Gary)

    We will gain automatic promotion in 2019-20 achieving 88 points (Springheeled Jack)

    We will lose less than 10 matches in the league in 2019-20 (Springheeled Jack)

    We will score 87 goals in 2019-20 (Springheeled Jack)

    On the next manager

    We'll hire a manager with bad hair and questionnable teeth alignment (PaulT)

    Steve Cooper will inspire the squad (Springheeled Jack)

    The club will be linked with some big name managers from the Championship  for PR (BigOak) Nurse, contact the intensive care team!

    We will sign a nobody as manager (BigOak)

    We will appoint a manager as late has possible (BigOak) 

    Most of the predictions are negative! Can we just throw the negative crew in a bucket! 
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    moorlands said:
    Sorry Gary that original post was grubby,too much information really.
    You know what they say about sarcasm too.No need to reply that way about another person's views.

    Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate hearing from you, it's added great value to my day.
    Now that's sarcasm without replying about another person's views!
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    @DubDragon I misread your post as pinned down in bed by wife, I thought you must be having the best day by a mile! Lol
  • Chico

    You mean attempted murder by Ash Malaga! Lol