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  • Match Discussion: Swans v Sheffield United - Championship 2021/22

    Great to be back in a crowd and the Jack Army were superb. Brilliant how they turned cheers for McBurnie into “w**nker, w**ker” after he’d been his normal irritating self!

    I enjoyed the game. Probably much better in the stadium than on TV. The Swans outplayed Sheffield and will only get better and this will lead to goals. They were obviously a bit nervous in front of a home crowd but have settled and looked good.

    Brandon Cooper had an excellent game, Matt Grimes always on the ball and Paterson and Flynn looked like proper Swans.

    Overall very positive and I can’t wait for Tuesday.

  • Nathan Dyer

    Best wishes Nathan. Strong, skilful, always tracked back, brilliant with Angel Rangel.

    i’ll always remember how, with strength and skill, he was able to take long balls from the keeper, no matter how big the fullback marking him - we could do with that now!

    A true Jack B.

  • Summer Transfer Window 2021

    Not “Cooper bashing” but negative or “anti-football” bashing. We all pay our season ticket fees but expect different levels of entertainment. I never again want to see the Swans setting up scared of the opposition at our level as we did against Brentford (the same as England set up against both Croatia and Italy.

    I would rather lose gloriously and bravely rather than 2-1, having tried to defend a 2-0 lead for 80 minutes. I want entertainment with shots on goal, a fair share of possession and trying to play through midfield rather than launching the ball into touch or to 2 massive central defenders standing over Andre Ayew.

    If Mancini set up the Swans with 3 full backs, 2 central defenders, 2 defensive midfielders, I would be just as critical. It is not aimed at Cooper but at the style of play.

  • UEFA EURO 2020 Tournament

    8 man defence, defending a 1 goal lead, no positive subs until too late, long balls punted upfield, playing in white.Oh so painful to watch.

  • First real indication we are looking for a new Manager

    Give him a week to make up his mind.

    Just get on with it, I’m getting bored with the whole thing. If he doesn’t want to be here, fec off.