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  • Summer Transfer Window 2021

    Rarely does a player polarise opinion so much. My opinion is that Matt Grimes has been one of our best players for a few years.. He is always available for the ball, isn’t afraid to put his foot in, very comfortable and always has his head up looking for a pass.

    Most passes were sideways or long punts under Cooper because most of the team were behind him! Let’s see what he can do with the new set up.

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Sheffield United - Championship 2021/22

    Great to be back in a crowd and the Jack Army were superb. Brilliant how they turned cheers for McBurnie into “w**nker, w**ker” after he’d been his normal irritating self!

    I enjoyed the game. Probably much better in the stadium than on TV. The Swans outplayed Sheffield and will only get better and this will lead to goals. They were obviously a bit nervous in front of a home crowd but have settled and looked good.

    Brandon Cooper had an excellent game, Matt Grimes always on the ball and Paterson and Flynn looked like proper Swans.

    Overall very positive and I can’t wait for Tuesday.

  • New manager rumours

    What an embarrassment for our football club. What are Winter’s credentials?

    We used to have managers queuing up. Something is very seriously wrong with our owners / executives. It wasn’t like this with Huw!

  • Summer Transfer Window 2021

    Don’t tell me what I would do or say Pablo. You haven’t got a clue. I loved the entertainment of our previous style, giving the big teams a fright before finally being outplayed by better players. I cheered our team off the pitch for their bravery and spirit.

    When we win 1-0 no with a dour defensive display and a midfield of head tennis I go home relieved but definitely not excited.

    We are all allowed opinions Pablo, but we are not “wrong” if they do not align with yours.

  • Summer Transfer Window 2021

    Not “Cooper bashing” but negative or “anti-football” bashing. We all pay our season ticket fees but expect different levels of entertainment. I never again want to see the Swans setting up scared of the opposition at our level as we did against Brentford (the same as England set up against both Croatia and Italy.

    I would rather lose gloriously and bravely rather than 2-1, having tried to defend a 2-0 lead for 80 minutes. I want entertainment with shots on goal, a fair share of possession and trying to play through midfield rather than launching the ball into touch or to 2 massive central defenders standing over Andre Ayew.

    If Mancini set up the Swans with 3 full backs, 2 central defenders, 2 defensive midfielders, I would be just as critical. It is not aimed at Cooper but at the style of play.