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  • Guardian reports he's gone

    There is no loyalty in football any more. The board lied to Potter from early in his tenure. Potter has used the club as a stepping stone. Football itself, not just scfc but football itself, is not worthy of my support. F*ck them all. I'm off to watch the Lakers. A plagiue on all their houses.
  • Not a dickie bird then.

    Well, once again @Andrew2 was right regarding no loans in. Hope the usual suspects who give him dogs abuse will offer their apologies.   B)
    Nope. Apart from the fact that he was factually incorrect on a number of counts, it is the *way* he goes about it. Almost like he wants us to fail just so he can say "I told you so, look at me, I'm so clever". Actually, there's no almost about it. Just nasty really. 

    Which is fine. Because where I might just be getting disheartened and look to disengage from the club, his rantings have fired me up to support them more, just so that he can eat humble pie and the team can stick it to "fans" like him.

    BTW please don't think that I like this board - they really, really need to go - but if they can't give Potter a good reason to stay then we as supporters need to. And we really, really don't need the likes of Andrew to try and do that.
  • Lenny Johnrose

    Sad news, best wishes to him. Maybe the club and fans can do something to honour him and/or support him or a MND charity at a home match this year?
  • I'm calling it

    barry said:
    Andrew is quite right Charlie. Grow up and stop winding people up. I’d love to live in your make believe world. Did you see the second half on Saturday. A brilliant rearguard performance and a wonderful 3 points. It could have easily ended up a defeat though. There won’t be many teams this season that will have that much possession and not beat us. That’s unless we bring in about five players in the loan market 
    Fück my eyes.

    So thinking your team is going to do well is winding people up now.
    I would say that Charlie is being wildly optimistic.

    But for others to to tell him to shut up about it is just outrageous - aah yes but optimism doesn't ever fit with their agenda, does it?

    We have always had plenty of "fans" who only ever moan and complain. I remember the booing when we drew in the Europa League against Kuban Krasnodor and remember thinking "we're in the f***ing Europa League and you are booing?". What we wouldn't give for that now. 

  • "There are none so blind as those who will not see" how to mug he mugs

    I don't really understand why bigoak or Andrew2 come on here really. I'm not in any way saying that they shouldn't, of course they should if they want to - just that I don't understand the motivation (or reward) for constantly posting in the way they do. If you dislike they club that much, just walk away, it will be much better for your blood pressure and mental health in the long run.