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  • Mis-Trust / Paranoia....and doing nothing

    Jacktar said:
    Like you say Nick, I don't know what I'm talking about but I will ask one question if I may, what's your view on the sellers, you don't seem to have a bad word to say about any of them who's morals are questionable to say the least and hold this club and its fans in contempt, like I say, I have no problems with a sale, its been on the cards for a long time, its the way it was played out I have a problem with.

    My view, an I know it's not everyone's, is that the Trust were extremely unfairly treated in a very underhand way, mainly by HJ and LD.

    I totally understood their need and desire to sell as it was equivalent to a lottery win for them all. The money would have been life-changing and possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity to all of them, except Martin Morgan. I also believe that we're not in worse hands with the Americans. The old Board had no money, so survived on selling and the new Board seem the same, but if we go down, the Americans could at least have access to money that our old Board didn't. Also, the Americans have access to larger sponsortship deals (look at the value of DC United's stadium rights - it would be top 3 or 4 in UK) and also they're probably more capable of selling the club on to a mega-rich person than the old Board too.

    What sticks in my throat is the underhanded way the Trust were treated during the sale and since. Sell, by all means, but do it in the right way.

  • SCFC as at 20th November 2017

    I read it all now. It's a bit of a shocker.
    It is but everything that's being written is true.

    The facts are that the majority of the Trust Board have either resigned or are over their 12 year maximum and it seems that, although it's been denied that anyone knew about this, someone on the Trust Board did contact Supporters Direct (HQ of all the football Trusts) to inquire as to their options....just two years ago!

    The Trust is an absolute mess and I believe it's going to have to start again....somehow.