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  • Andy Scott announced as new Head of Recruitment

    Sorry Gary, just used to your negative posts. No offence meant.
    Apology accepted, though I do challenge the perception I am negative.

    Cynical, perhaps.
    Not easily excited by anything, sure.

    If that makes me negative to some, then fair enough but I would rather be that, than a happy clapper believing in a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 
    Well at least you are never disappointed :p
  • Dan James transfer

    enaitch said:
    Problem is he is out of contract next summer so don’t think they can haggle too much or he will be off for nothing next year
    Ah, but we might be in the PL next year B) I was looking for a flying pig emoji, but couldn't find one!!
  • Buzz

    Can you remember Harry Griffiths signing Micky Conway, a relatively inexperienced left winger initially on loan from Brighton after he had taken over from Harry Gregg.

    An exciting, pacy winger who thrilled the sparse crowds at the Vetch Field but sadly his career was cut short after a car accident, failing to reach full fitness on his return.
    I do indeed Colin. That was my first season as a "full time" regular supporter and yes he was a very good winger in a wonderful attack minded team, full of goals. Robbie used to play on the other wing in those days before he became a central midfielder.
    Blimey Jeff, I didn't know you were such a newby, another 20 years & you will be a "regular"" :p
  • Match Discussion: Derby County v Swans - Championship 2018/19

    PaulT said:4
    Had a weird dream last night...

    One of the Derby players had long hair and was prancing around the pitch like a fairy, one of our boys took issue with it and kicked him up the arse.

    Oh, and we won 1-0
    Funny, I had a dream about the game too, actually 2 dreams. In the first we were 6-0 up at halftime, in the second we won 8-0. Too much whisky, I guess
  • Match Discussion: Swans v Norwich City - Championship 2018/19

    DubDragon said:
    Got a feeling a good win is on today... 3 or 4-1...
     :smirk: ....oO( but you're always WAY off Dub )
    Are you a Norwich supporter :p