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  • Article: The Truth about the sale of Swansea City to the Americans – Part 1

    Mahoney said:
    Good to see the BBC have picked up on this and is headline news in Welsh Sport. I'm no expert or claim to know much about share dealings and buyouts but if there is a case which the trust said there was last year then why hasn't this been to court and what is stopping it being taken to court now?
    I might be wrong on this Mahoney but I believe the preferred strategy for the Trust was to exhaust all avenues for an amicable resolution with the owners first, before going down the legal route. I seem to recall an update from them to that effect in recent months. There are people on here with far more knowledge about the inner workings though, so I'd invite anyone to feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that.

    I am no longer on the trust board but this was always the preferred option when I was vice chair. Many in other forums have accused those running the trust at the time of doing nothing but its always easy to spout off when you don't have the facts. Its also very easy to then look back and say 'I would have done this'  - Some gave up their time to do what they could and some just jeered from the sidelines.

    As I always say the problem with being a bull in a china shop is that all the china is broken when the bull is shot dead.