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  • Championship Watch 2021-2022

    Steve Cooper put us in a relatively stable place during the two seasons that he was with us. At no time were we in danger of being relegated and he almost got us promoted twice to boot. A good track record when you consider that he was bettered by just 2 teams in the 1st season he was here with us and just the one team in his 2nd season. That was no mean feat.

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Millwall - Championship 2021/22

    What would RM1 have done under these circumstances I wonder?


    I myself didn’t grow up with the Swansea Way as football wasn’t in my blood during my childhood. In fact football passed me by completely during this time. However, as an adult, I did fall for its alluring charms just when it had already caught fire and was blazing a trail up through the leagues. This halcyon period for me is something that I hope we can recapture and ideally capture more definitively over the coming years as to my eyes this unique period encapsulates all that was good about the Swansea Way. There was a level of pragmatism present but not so much so that a visionary dimension couldn’t flourish and express itself. There was one slogan during one of our seasons in the Premier League which for me summed up this breathtaking era at the club. I’m sure someone would be able to remember better than me but I seem to remember the slogan to be two keys words which was either Style and Steel or Silk and Steel. Either way both these elements had a part to play in the best games that the Swans played under our most successful managers. The interplay between the two is when the Swans are at their best and most lethal. If RM can blend the two and instil it in the hearts of the players then I for one can see a bright future ahead.

  • What is ‘intensity’?

    Sometimes the moment dictates the decision to be made. Maybe a mix of scoring from distance or scoring from a tap in will be the perfect approach as this more than anything else will keep the opposing team guessing. I didn’t see or hear the game on Saturday but judging by the majority of comments on here the direction seems to be harking back to the tactics that always gave us a fighting chance in the glory days under RM and his successors who stuck to largely the same system. And that’s all we can ask for. That the managers strategy gives us that all important fighting chance that held us in good stead throughout our rise up to and during our stay in the Premier League.

  • Clubs a joke

    Cadleigh - The investment/non investment debate between yourself and Jack Raven has been very interesting and both have given everyone something to mull over including myself.

    The fact that I interjected with my take on the owners was simply to highlight what I feel is a glaringly obvious reason why, hedgefunders or not, investers or not, we should be wary of them.

    They started off on the wrong foot by going behind the Trust's back to collude with the previous owners on the purchase of the club.

    Since then, the Trust has been disrespected and ignored time and time again. Thier behaviour towards the Trust indicates to me that they see them as an albatross around their necks that they want to get shot of.