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  • Match Discussion: Luton Town v Swans - Championship 2021/22

    I grew up not supporting the Swans as I didn’t get, didn’t want to get football in all its guises, shapes and sizes. The light bulb moment for came many years later way back in 2003, although not as far back as the some of the posters on here that have followed the Swans through thick and thin. Of course my preferred style of play is the RM, BR, ML style, not least because the success enjoyed by all Swans fans new and old, young and not so young, stemmed from this system. That’s not to say that there aren’t numerous ways to skin a cat, as Steve Cooper showed with the relative success that his style of play brought to the club. However, having fallen at the last hurdle against Brentford, a team that looked more of a kindred spirit to the Swans that was fielded by RM, BR and ML, it was clear to see that there is only so much success you can have with that system these days. It’s limitations are apparent in the Premier League when you look at the risers and nose divers from top to bottom in the table. More often than not it is the Clement/Cooper style which suffers the most and the Rogers/Potter style which suffers the least. Expansive/expressive versus restrictive/prescriptive, the former normally overcomes the latter. So, in footballing terms we find ourselves in the capable/incapable hands of Russell Martin depending on your opinion of him. I for one subscribe to the former on the basis of what he was faced with upon his appointment. Graham Potter was embraced wholeheartedly when he started his tenure at the Swans, no questions asked, and this continued even though he didn’t pull up any trees and get us to the promised land on the first time of asking. Maybe we should be affording RM the same respect and patience as it would appear he has returned us to the system that gave us the greatest success.

  • Covid passes

    The sanitiser usage is a no brainer as is washing your hands after using the toilets. Regardless of it being used to tackle the virus it’s just simple basic hygiene.

  • Clubs a joke

    Cadleigh - The investment/non investment debate between yourself and Jack Raven has been very interesting and both have given everyone something to mull over including myself.

    The fact that I interjected with my take on the owners was simply to highlight what I feel is a glaringly obvious reason why, hedgefunders or not, investers or not, we should be wary of them.

    They started off on the wrong foot by going behind the Trust's back to collude with the previous owners on the purchase of the club.

    Since then, the Trust has been disrespected and ignored time and time again. Thier behaviour towards the Trust indicates to me that they see them as an albatross around their necks that they want to get shot of.


    I find that any pre-existing opinions of the current owners are there because they have got form.

    Problem - The shameful way that they colluded with the selling members of the board during the sale of the club which resulted in the exclusion of the Trust from the sales negotiations.

    This speaks volumes as to the way that they operate. As a test of their character they failed miserably on this front.

    Solution - The Trust win the court case against the colluders and receive the funds necessary to save the club at times of crisis.

    Problem - On their watch the new owners, as they were then, oversaw the first relegation of the club and team for over a decade.

    Solution - To oversee their first promotion which would mean a return to the Premier League. Sooner rather than later would be my preference.

    These two appalling episodes are the two main black marks that have not yet been wiped from the slate and until they are there will be, for me, a rather large dark cloud that hangs over the club.

  • Bersant Celina ill

    Fair enough JR. I respect your opinion and appreciate your desire for everyone to be safe.

    However, small number that it is, it does highlight for me that whichever path you take, whether it’s to take your chances with Covid-19 or trust in the vaccination process, there is a tangible real terms risk that makes me one of those who is still reluctant to have the vaccine despite being fearful of the potential for contracting the virus.

    The desire not to fall ill on either front leaves the likes of myself, and a great many others I would presume, between a rock and a hard place.

    It’s not ideal by any stretch of the imagination but it’s a choice that I’m prepared to live with.