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  • Match Discussion: Preston North End v Swans - Championship 2021/22

    I remember after the final whistle was blown at the Stoke game, seeing Cabango collapse in a heap. Covid may have played its part in causing that sort of reaction in his body admittedly, but it definitely summed up the fitness issues that RM is referring to.

    My biggest concern at the moment, however, is Walsh. Will be seeing someone who will be on the treatment table more often than not rather than the subs bench? Does anyone have any updates on how far away he is from a return to training?

  • What’s Going On?

    What are Messi’s wages at PSG? And how much more is he being paid compared to what he was receiving at Barcelona? I really don’t get his tears at the press conference. If he was so torn by leaving the team he so loves then surely he could have afforded to drop down to the maximum that they could offer? Obscene is the word.

  • DC United to cancel Paul Arriola loan

    All the USA appointments thus far have been a disaster for the club. We could have done with signing more suitable players for the positions we needed but alas the general feeling is that they were parachuted in at the behest of the owners without any significant input from Cooper et al. All we can hope is that the remaining fixtures can be negotiated with the squad that SC has at his disposal minus the 2 departures.

  • Match Discussion: Swans v Brentford - Championship 2020/21

    Based on the Millwall v Watford result a draw would be a good result. It takes the pressure off it being a must win game although a win gives us the upper hand league position wise in no uncertain terms.

  • Winter Out

    Had to do a double on what you’d written there Pablo as to me it read that you’d “managed to slip past security as a girl.” Well it was 1974 when long hair was all the rage.😊