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  • A Good Read

    I can recommend 'The Premier League 25 years' by Lloyd Pettiford .
    I borrowed it from a local (St Ives ) library last week and have found it compulsive reading- a very rare thing for me .
    Swans fans need to be patient however, as Focus on Swansea City does not  appear until pages 176/177.
    Some things I had forgotten about, not taking a lot of interest in the Premier league before the 2011/12 season.
    1) Swindon spent one season there.
    2) How dominant Man U were until very recently- 13 titles in 25 years.
    3) How close Coventry City and Southampton were for a number of seasons finishing only goal difference apart. It would have been for 5 consecutive years if Wimbledon  hadn't got between them in 1998/99 season.
    The book ends with the 2016/17 season, so avoids our final appearance in the Premier league.
  • How many successful new signings do we need?

    I read that there is a distinct air of optimism on this site with regard to how the coming season will pan out; talk of top half, automatic and play-offs. This is great to read  rather than doom and gloom. 
    With six new signings ,how many of these do we need to be happy with to make the above come true ?
    Clearly, but unlikely, if all six have good seasons then we should be very optimistic. At present only the goalie and Bidwell have done anything meaningful, and both show promise .However it is far to soon to jump to any conclusions as to how they fair over the full season.
    Our new recruitment will have played a blinder if we can say next may that four of the six have been a success.

    Money can't buy you everything as we saw when we splashed out 50/60 million on Bony, Ayew, Clucas and Mesa not to mention Baston at another 15 million.

    This time we have been far more frugal with loans and frees or small fees.
    If four or more of these do well it beggars the question why we didn't go down this route before instead of throwing millions away as if we had money to burn.

    I've always maintained that we would not have been in financial trouble had we invested say 20 million of the money from  Everton on four or five carefully researched lower profile players with something to prove, and kept the other 20 million safely banked .
  • Match Discussion: Swans v Atalanta - Friendly 2019/20

    They were the top goalscorers in Serie A last season with 77 in league games ;better  than the two teams above them Juventus and Napoli .They also qualified for the Champions league  next season.Hope they play their strongest side against us.
  • Cost of team

    The total cost in transfers of the team we fielded v Stoke was, I estimate, less than 10 million. Or put another way ,6 million less than we splashed out  last season on one of their players last Tuesday ie Clucas.
    I think Naughton was the costliest player of ours on the field by some way, probably followed by Routeledge at 2 million.

  • Double top teams

    So, another of those many football coincidences to occur when on successive Saturdays  we meet the top teams in both the Championship and the Premier league .

    Can we get a result  next weekend to equal that of 55 years ago at Liverpool.? It was a day to remember for all of us lucky enough to be there- only bettered by that magical day at Wembley when Brendan finally lead us to the cash rich world of milk and honey that is the Premier league.

    As I sat thinking about that day in Liverpool the memories came flooding back.

    'Dwyer hero of shock Swansea cup victory ' ,says the headline in the pink edition of the Liverpool Echo that I have laid out in front of me.52,608  attended of which 15,000 were Swans support, paying receipts of only £11,800 . We were 18th in Division 2 at the time and given no chance of a win. Much the same as when we meet Man City this time .Would  a win be of the same magnitude as it was then ?Yes, it would as the end result would be the same- a very rare semi-final appearance.

    I wonder how many other posters were at that game so long ago now-clearly you need to be at least 55 and indeed a good few years more to have any recollection of the event.

    It still remains one of the most memorable days of my life, equal to the phone call to my son to be told the result of the play-off final ( I could not bear to stand the drama of watching the game or even just following it on TV or radio.