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  • Jordan Garrick

    For god sake I bloody know that once a player makes his mind up and want to go then he's going. What I'm trying to say is that if the player is on a better contract with then we get more bloody money for him if we sell which is good for the our club in the long run.
  • Jordan Garrick

    Oh god the club need to sort that out sooner pronto.
  • Reading 1 - 0 Cardiff now 2 - 0


    He's been relegated twice from the Premiership. Not sure about in the lower divisions.
  • Bale

    I don't doubt his commitment to Wales at all but the way he plays he really is going through the motions.
    I do think he's poorly used for the national team. Come to think of it the whole team is poorly set up and Giggs really has got a lot to answer for at the moment.
  • Most of our fans are patheitc!

    I've seen one persons post and opinion on Potter going and while I don't totally dispute it, I have my own personal opinion.

    - You can give me as much stick as you want but I do believe Potter meant what he said a while back about the Swans being a long term project. However there is only so much anyone can put up with from our (still currently) dipshit owners before realizing what he wants to do with our team isn't going to happen.
    - I believe the contract offer was a complete and utter bullshit story to con us into thinking 'at least they've tried to keep him'. It has worked like a treat with the moronic local media and perhaps some of our own fans which worries me.
    - I believe that Potter finally knew from the supposed meeting with the hierarchy last Thursday or Friday that if he did stay he would be forced to bend over and watch as those two wankers sell any of our best players to the highest bidder. The handing of Wayne Routledge's situation has been piss poor from the beginning.

    But what pisses me off the most is once again how bloody divided our own fans are. Potter decides to go to another club and instead of trying to be just a little objective and see the whole picture, the narrow minded idiots decide to attack him for whatever mistakes he did make with our team. Honestly it's like listening to a bitchy girl who has been dumped by her boyfriend and loudly spouting all his shortcomings to anyone who can hear. It's just pathetic.

    Without Potter and what he did to bring some of the young crop through, we'd have been lucky to avoid a second straight relegation.  It's funny how many of us quickly forget that.

    Three years have now gone by since the Americans have taken control of the club and relegation aside, nothing has really changed.

    We piss and moan until pigs can fly but don't do or at least try to do something positive to help the club we call ourselves fans of.
    Instead we've got too many arseholes in the stands who take out their world class hissy fits during games  on our own players when they should be putting all that energy into attacking the real villains of the club.

    So many fans moan about the Trust and while I don't think they are perfect at least they're bloody trying. What the hell have most of us done?

    When are people going to wake the fuck up and realize the Americans are continuing to get an easy ride and pillage this club if we can't unite on the real issues. We continue to fall for every bullshit story and when we win games people forget very quickly about the Yankee muppets still being our owners. 

    Overall we are weak as fans and the Americans continue to get off scot free.

    You can say that the Americans are too far away to protest against, not enough people care etc. While that maybe true it's still just excuses.

    Imagine if we just sat on our arse and made every excuse under the sun during the Petty era.

    God Forbid how we'd have ended up if we'd done that.

    Potter has gone and it sucks but don't let that distract you from the real problem that won't change anytime soon if we keep doing what we've been doing.