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  • Trust Board election – Rupert Thomas

    Hello: Please find below the statement I submitted for the Trust board election. There was a sentence removed in the papers sent to members for voting (the sentence that describes my experience from being Chairman of the Board of IPIECA, an industry association). Please let me know if you have any questions for me, either publicly here or privately to and I will respond. Thanks for your consideration. Rupert Thomas.


     I am 52 years old and grew up in Swansea. I have supported the Swans all my life through the good years as well as the difficult times.

    We are now entering a challenging and uncertain period for both the football club and the Trust, and there are a number of complex issues ahead. I would like to put my energy and experience into ensuring that the Trust plays a strong and positive role in representing Swansea supporters to secure the best possible future for the football club. I believe the Trust membership needs to be expanded significantly and transparency improved in order for the Trust to more effectively represent Swansea supporters and to become more credible.

    In my professional life I work for Royal Dutch Shell plc in a Vice President role. I have worked for the company for 29 years in operational, commercial, finance, communications and strategy roles. I have mainly worked in the UK, the Netherlands, and the USA. I have negotiated multi-decade commercial agreements and am experienced in legal and governance matters. I have worked closely with members of the Board of Directors of Shell. I am myself currently chairman of the Board of Directors of IPIECA (an industry association).

    I live near London and visit Swansea twice a month to watch the Swans and visit family and friends. If elected I can readily attend the monthly Trust Board meetings and related activities.

    Following the Swans has been an important part of my life and I would like to ensure our supporters have a club that we are proud of going forward.


    For the record, based on what I know, my view is that the Trust should take all legal remedies that are still available, up to and including direct legal action against the current majority shareholders / former owners, depending on the outcome of the mediation currently underway which needs to be time bounded.