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  • Cooper morphing into Monk

    deekay said:
    Whilst the u23'spurpose is to develop the youngsters, it can also be used to give senior players game time when building and maintaining fitness levels. How many times have we heard managers and players saying that there is no substitute for playing games to achieve match fitness ? If that is true, and who am I to disagree, how on earth can the likes of John, Wilmott, Cabango, Dyer, Routledge, Carroll etc be considered to be match fit ? Surely there's a case for at least one of them to be played in u23's games if they are unlikely to feature in the next first team game ? 
    We used to have the reserve league in Scotland when i was young, I thought this was a better system as the bench regulars got game time and the youth players got more out of the games I thought playing with experience around them. Think the difference then mind was that there was more chance stepping up at a young age than there is now due to the increase use of overseas players. Think this shows through now with the better quality in lower league teams now in cup games as not so many players get to move up in their careers due to limited spaces.
  • Trust comment

    Something nobody seems to bring up enough is that we need a case to clear the legal status of the agreement, if it was in place then it needs to settled as it could affect the sale of anybody’s shares further down the line.
  • McBurnie gone

    Rather take a gamble and keep them, if we do go up, will probably have to pay more for replacements. May be better to give till Jan then get rid if not looking like going up or if the new replacements don't hit the mark required.
  • CBR joins Accrington on loan

    SVJack said:
    I hope he does well there and someone comes in and buys the lad. Good luck at Accrington CBR
    Don't right him off yet hope he does well and gets some good experience. Looking at our front row this season, if we don't go up he may be all we can afford.
  • Jefferson Montero ,

    cecil said:
    Pay him pro rata. No need to pay him full time wages if he can only play for 20 mins without getting tired or injured.A shocking "athlete" who should have been binned ages ago
    Bit harsh, always played well and a good team player even with language barrier. People need to remember a physio was sacked over his treatment, not sure what damage was done but if it was bad enough to sack someone then maybe the club owes him the chance to put himself back on the market. He showed enough last season to prove he wasn’t here just for the money like some we could mention over the years.