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  • Crawley Town Saturday

    Steve said:
    I didn't watch Fulton in the build-up, nor have I poured through pages upon pages if stats or hours of video analysis on him. Just my personal observation I thought he passed better than I have seen him. 2 years ago my opinion on him was he is rubbish, just can't pass to save his life. However 2 years on there is some improvement, hopefully he can improve in other areas of his game under Cooper even maybe picking his feet up for @jasper_T!!!
    Can’t go by warm ups, if we did McBurnie would come out as the laziest player in the world in that case
  • Is it worth waiting

    J4cka said:
    I said the same a while ago. Pay the blood sucking leech off, and move on. 
    bit harsh, personally I thought he was treated badly, hardly given any game time then used as a scapegoat for all our other problems up front.
  • Cooper

    bigoak said:
    What  ever you guys are on, want some ! haha  Whilst we are all hopeful and wiling to believe, I think I will wait before passing judgment, The guy is simply not tested at any level of competitive football, accepting his role in England youth, hardly the same, the quality he had there would have been a crime if they did not win , or get to finals.

    This time a round  the manager has been picked by two legends of our club so we all have to be more positive,. but lets see what happened to our squad and who he brings in. ppr season
    everybody has their opinion but do you have to be consistently depressing all the time whenever someone tries to be a bit upbeat and open minded.
  • A request?

    Just thought a simple "I disagree " link could be useful as well, could prevent a lot of hostile posts.
  • A request?

    Webmaster said:
    Site admin/owners,
    Could we please have a few more reactive emojis because sometimes the available emojis don't seem to convey the response required. Please don't think I'm asking for anything rude or derogatory, just a few more entertaining ones.
    Pretty please?
    Hi Natterjack

    We can certainly look into adding more emojis, especially as we need to take the forum offline for a day or so in June to do some essential upgrades :+1:

    I just wanted to check that you've seen all of the current emoji set though - by clicking [Show All] when you click on the emoji dropdown above :error:
    What I really meant was that when you read a poster's comment, the only options we have are the ones at the bottom of the post.   Quote  Insightful Awesome LOL WTF · Share on Facebook Share on Twitter
    If there were more options of the above, that would be brilliant.

    Thank you @Webmaster
    an " I agree" link would be a nice addition just to save a lot of typing.