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  • Interest in Ayew

    jasper_T said:
    Gambling on promotion is a terrible business to get involved in. Really should only be a last resort.

    Isn't that the whole point of the league system, what else are we there for. There has to be some risk or everybody would be buying into the sport.
  • Match Discussion: Swans v Northampton Town - Carabao Cup 2019/20

    jasper_T said:
    Gazza4421 said:
    Not being broadcast I take it? 
    Someone has the rights but won't be showing it as we're not playing a big club. No SwansTV.
    Usually show goals on sky as they happen
  • The new 28th associate director!

    Ginger it's about risk. PL football is as risky as it gets. Any sensible investor would spread the risk. The Trust want Huw out yet have all their eggs in one basket and Huw is carrying it. It's not logical behaviour. 
    Fuck off you moron, did you actually read my post, come on Mod's get rid of this clown, please will everybody not comment at his posts. I am all for free speech but this idiot is just killing this site since he started posting his rants, considering the success of the team I would expect a lot more post than we have been getting. I cannot be the only one sick of flicking through pages spoilt by the endless posts about this clown or I doubt I won't be the only one leaving.
  • Posters using triple names

    No mark I’ve never questioned the integrity of this forum or the moderators. I’ve question a poster on this site who used/use 3 identity’s. As I’ve mentioned I have no problem telling fellow posters of my name my address or even my phone number because you’re now questioning my integrity..sometimes the truth hurts.
    This is getting really boring either tell the mods if you have info to tell if not just f**k off and let's get back to the football, that's what the forums for, if you stupid twats want to bicker all day about shit, start your own forum some where else.