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  • Swansea U18s at West Ham

    Lost 2-1 at Romford today after Josh Thomas put us one up in the 18th minute.  West Ham equalised when a striker followed up Webb’s excellent penalty save.  Webb then got beaten at the near post by an inswinging free kick.  Swans had good possession 2nd half in very blustery conditions, but couldn’t find an equaliser. Picks of the bunch for me were Josh Thomas & Morgan Clarke, tireless & competitive games.  West Ham manager was one-time Hammer Kevin Keen.
  • Swansea U23s Friendly at Barry

    Dah - having now seen the official site report, I can’t credit I mistook Brandon Cooper for Blake, but I can live with myself for confusing Tom Price with Keiran Evans.  For what it’s worth, both Swans trialists played really well - a big but mobile centre half, whose selection put Cooper to left back, and was very outgoing on being subbed by Cameron Evans, shaking hands warmly with everyone on the bench.  Left winger clever with both feet.  I’m minorly relieved I guessed Mason-Thomas right on the other wing...
  • Worrying there is little news of incoming to the Academy

    Went along to the U18s game v Charlton yesterday at Landore.  Lost 3-1 to a stronger side after being 1 up.  No teamsheet & it was my first time at the academy, so I was largely guessing identities.  Mass substitutions disrupted the rhythm, but Al Ahemedi strengthened an otherwise lightweight midfield.  Our right winger (Bradley Gibbings?) got a decent opener.  Josh Thomas centre forward, Will Rickard left midfield, McKendry & Butler centre backs.  Although he’s listed in the U23 squad v Carmarthen, I’m pretty sure Jacob Jones played right back at Landore (small, blonde, have we got another Jacob on the books?).  Tyler Reid’s brother came on at right back, a mirror image of his brother.  Jones (if it was him), Gibbings (if it was him!!) & Al Ahemedi looked the brightest of the bunch.  Looking forward to seeing more games - and recognising more players! - at this level.