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  • Match Discussion: Swans v Stoke City - Championship 2019/20

    We have options, no one has mentioned Declan John, who has performed well, when given the opportunity.

    The reason for me that Bidwell gets the nod is that SC is looking at the team requirement and wants round pegs in round holes. He has been very good at looking at what is best for the team and the match. 

    I for one don’t have any reason to complain about his choices, but not out of favouritism, because I can see what SC is trying to create.
    I'm interested to see who SC chooses tomorrow, he makes his decision not just on matchday games but also from the training sessions, so whatever he decides he's the best to judge.
  • Match Discussion: Bristol City v Swans - Championship 2019/20

    We were worthy of the win, had the better stats - ref ruined the game, a point at bristol City is a very good result and keeps us in second.


  • Interest in Ayew

    jasper_T said:
    If we're midtable in January with both on the books we're in the shit and will need to sell a Dan James to Leeds and clear out bodies on loan.

    I think there is too much worrying going on. At the moment we have a team that could realistically compete in the Premier (with just a few tweaks here and there). I think there are more improvements from us to come, and we have a good chance of promotion with this team - we are probably better than if we had kept Mcburnie.

    If we let Ayew go now, it would cause a massive amount of deflation amongst the fans and the players - I think it would be madness to get rid of him when he is probably the best player in the Championship.

    Yes, It could all backfire, and we could lose out, but too much worrying about things means that sometimes you can take your eye off the ball.

    I honestly believe that if we fail to get promotion this year, we will lose Cooper - another Prem club will come in for him and we could also lose our best chance of promotion that we have had in years. If we get promoted, Cooper would want to stay with us, that's what I think, and it's another reason why it's important to keep hold of Ayew.
  • Ayew to Derby ?

    I think it would be crazy to let him go now - it would show a huge lack of ambition.
  • Match Discussion: Queens Park Rangers v Swans - Championship 2019/20

    SeaJack said:
    So, onto the next game. My prediction is that we have an undeserved but gutsy win after going a goal down in the first half.

    I will go for a poor 1st half and going a goal down, a better 2nd half but another goal by QPR so 2 goals down. Then 2 Swans subs come on at 55 to 60 minutes, we start to fly and become completely unplayable.

    We then score 2 goals and the game finishes at 2-2