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  • Brentford the new Swansea?

    Lets hope we are not swapping places with them! There is no need what so ever to sell Ayew this window.  Lets hope the collective brains now running the football side see that otherwise we will be on a slow decline to oblivion.  ohh for our club back! never mind Brentford like Swansea, lets work to make sure Swansea is not the new Sunderland
  • What has happened to our possession game in the first 3 league matches?

    Best to wait for a dozen games before we analyse i think.  Its far to early to make any constructive opinion. But great post
  • Swansea Sound stop Broadcasting Swansea matches

    Swansea Sound is now part of the Capitol group of stations and is no longer a local station.  I recall they had a Friday night slot at 6pm  phone in show dedicated to the Swans, they dumped that for a show that covers all sports, and lost a huge amount of listeners including me.

    Have to say BBC Wales coverage of Swansea games is second to none.  who needs Swansea sound anyway
  • New Signings

    No really surprise. We have sold our best players ,and signed potential, as predicted.  lets wish them luck and hope the results keep coming. Bit early to make any assessment.
  • Love this club

    jollyboy said:
    bigoak said:
    I would put it this way chaps, Whilst you may be happy to take anything said by the new owners has fact. Most Swans fans who really love the club  tend to pass judgment on Actions rather than words.

    Lets take this season, besides a lot of talk, we have one young hopeful signed and nothing more. I predicted this ,and still recon that Oli will be sold before the season starts . 

    Whilst I would hold my record of support against anyone on here, i will continue to judge actions and not words.

    Miserable Git 

    and proud of it :)
    So actions, it might not suit you but they have been here 3 years, they have kept away ticket at £20 when it was just as easy to say, no can do, don't you think this costs them money, they have created the fans zone, this is subsidised too. They have done a deal on the stadium that short term, is going to cost them (£1m just for pitch alone) and only this week TB announced £5 for all under 12s in the South Stand with more deals to follow.
    The Americans are not good at engaging and don't understand our UK culture, but what they have learned is to keep a low profile and get a proper football man in that understands football, and lets not forget, we have made them about as welcome as a fart in a space suit, whilst they are here they will get my backing.

    Happy as Larry
    Jolly chap ! You just made my point for me! nothing you have said cost them a cent! the away fan stuff was part of the Prem conditions all clubs did it. the rest is minutia. i guess its simple minds easily pleased