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  • Total disrespect.

    Pablo said:
    Dave said:
     We were a Premier League club and have now been reduced to a threadbare Championship side.   The transfer dealings have been an absolute  disgrace, with no real commitment to achieving targets, such as Woods from Brentford.   We are now told by our manager that our one available striker as been carrying an injury for a number of weeks and yet we have not signed a striker.  Where do we go from here if we continue to accept this bunch of greedy f---s at out club.  
     so if the transfer dealings have been a disgrace, is Dhanda a disgrace? or Mckay? or Celina? or Carter-Vickers? we're also in for a forward from Real Madrid, Gomez. Is that a disgrace too?
    Yep missed out on Woods. Have you ever seen him play? if he's so amazing why aren't premier league clubs in for him?
    I haven't seen him but there was definitely an ongoing negotiation to bring him we know what happened? nope.
    I'm not getting at you Dave, just adding a bit of levity as people begin to lose their heads.  

  • Asset strippers at the match last night.

    Jackareme said:
    Dave said:
    The only loans,  we will see is loans out , Monterio, KD, Narsingh and  whoever else the Yanks can unload, so they can  line their greedy pockets.  Its time to Yank up the protests.  
    Who is KD?

    Kieran Dyer
  • Naughton Transfer Request

    I'm staggered by the criticism of Naughton, as he played in a very poor Swans team, but still put in effort and its not unlike the same treatment of another team member such as Fer who was subjected to such abuse .  It's shame that such talented player's get abused week after week by people who have a limited understanding of the game.