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Thursday, 20 April 2017 15:34 Permalink

I was wrong about not wanting Rodgers. I hated his press conferences as I felt he came out with some right bull.

But at the moment everything Clement comes out with is getting on my bloody t**s, that it's exactly like Rodgers anyway.

I'm not as deluded as some about Rodgers passing for keep sake style but I have to admit I'd rather be moaning about that at the moment because I can't imagine we'd be in the position we are now with him as our gaffer.

Stephen Thursday, 20 April 2017 16:01
I do not believe getting the club into mega debt. I seriously think if the club had appointed the right manager on a generous wage and with good contacts/scouting as opposed using the loon transfer-guru Jenkins the club would not be in the mess it is in now.

Also signing the extra players required (loanee or permanent) much earlier at the beginning of the season as opposed to latter in a relegation fight would have served the club far better. Recklessly, needlessly, disgracefully thrown away SCFC Premier League dream?..... All because the sell-outs wanted to make the clubs books look attractive and by doing so 'went-cheap'. Oh and do not start me on the Kamikaze Bradley appointment. The club if relegated? Will be solely down to the sell-outs greed and utter incompetence of mind blowing standards. Thrown away!

Ponty jack Thursday, 20 April 2017 17:29
Enmmotional stuff Steve but the fact is HJ and the new owners will be also in the dumps. Levien and Kaplan could have waited a couple of seasons and picked up the club for at least a 75% discount. (£40m) This is business. HJ will be down £4m on asset valuation and the Trust about £18m that they theoretically could have trousered. Premier league dream? This is no place for dreamers. Relegation is an occupational hazard and WBA and Southampton have been there and back and come back stronger using the same management team in WBA's case. Norwich the same although currently on championship rations for another season at least. SCFC is a well run club but will always be at high risk of relegation. I suspect Brendan priced himself out of the markets knowing he would struggle with the likes of Sinclair and Borini and Kolo Toure in the PL. Rebuilding if SCFC stay up will not be easy even if things turned out Rosie.

Stephen Thursday, 20 April 2017 20:38
Ponty jack? Levien and Kaplan deserve to be in the dumps and no doubt will now have noticed they were indeed taken for a ride and sold the ultimate three-legged-donkey. A shite squad, a betrayed supporter base, a betrayed SCST, being saddled with a bunch of unwanted sellout parasites that are the ultimate PR nightmare/own goal and minefield to future SCFC success. The future supporter unrest could become as toxic as the sellouts themselves.

Talk about the most horrendous, nightmarish and insanest of purchases? Or should that be Karma.

Jon Thursday, 20 April 2017 21:30
A squad so shite we were 5 points clear of the drop 5 weeks ago, where do you expect us to be challenging for top 4?
No divine rights boys and girls. I love the blame game me

Ponty jack Friday, 21 April 2017 11:20
One of Italy's most respected football people with 30 years experience in top level management and a serious contender for the job of Italy manager believed the squad was competitive at the start of the season. Selling Williams was bad but he was 32. Sacking Guidolin was a US decision so the three legged donkey analogy does not stack up. The Trust has had a stupendous 13 years and did not cash in to protect football in Swansea by building up fantastic cash reserves. The strategy of trying to run the club without power generated by hard cash was always going to fail. The leaders request to the US owners to be given 5% of the club for nothing was comically naiive and revealed a something for nothing culture. The abuse given out to the old board will have been noted and the new owners will play hardball with the fans and make no promises or commitments. Expect the stadium to be hived off to a separate subsidiary company unless the minor shareholder cough up cash or accept dilution.

The Courtroom Clock Friday, 21 April 2017 12:44
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