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I like so many on here iam not happy we haven't signed more players .in this window we spent about 3 mill net.but what we have to realise is that we are at the bottom of the food chain.the big strong lions kill the zebra ,then only after they had their fill do they bugger off and leave the scraps for the weaker smaller lions.and that's what we are,a small weaker lion.there are many quality players that would gladly sign for the swans but only after they realise the big boys don't want them.iam confident (honestly) that we will sign a couple of good players by end of the window.also by them then maybe Lorente ,ki and dyer will be fit.then we will a good (not great ) starting 11 and will stay up for at least another year ,call me blinkered or happy clapper but i always had glass half full mentally,ever since my dear old nan (who fled Franco's Spain when she was 8) used to say "smile you little shit ,what you misarable for". So smile you little shits,we premier league ,enjoy the ride for as long as we can ....
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