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Saturday, 12 August 2017 23:43 Permalink

Mark London. I'm not sure what you saw bud, but Routledge was utter garbage mate! He should of been moved on 2 seasons ago!

And Naughton at Righr Back??? say no bloody more! Where's the bloody ambition within the management! We all knew we needed quality signings 3 seasons ago! And they still haven't come!

Come on board back your manager at least! Huddersfield done ok, spending 50 million this window. But but, I'm not saying spend 50 million. But just have some ambition to brining "good" players in!

Mark (Jack) - London Sunday, 13 August 2017 11:21
So easy to slag one player off eh DJ? Same accusation for Vera in his sarcastic post below.

For me only one player outside the back 4 and keeper that had a half decent game, and that was Ayew.

Routledge gets criticised for losing the ball, but nobody criticised the balls that we played into him. Our passing was shocking. Our possession game, appalling. The only time we kept the ball was by passing it between the back 4 - and even then we nearly came unstuck.

the fact that the passes to him in the main were awful, and often he was constantly marked by 2 players when he lost the balls, because our play was so slow, is immaterial if judged by you.

No mention of the ball he put on a plate for Tammy where we should have taken the lead. That was pre-formation change, and our movement looked dangerous going forward - but also dangerous to our defence when they had the ball!

No mention of the number of times Abraham similarly lost the ball - again crap balls. He rightly gets cut some slack because it was his first Premier league game. But he better learn quickly or Llorente get fit soon, or we'll be in trouble. Like Mesa, a big learning curve for him.

No mention of the poor tactics Clement made, changing the gameplan 10 mins in - no issue with that, as their full backs were getting too much space. so he switched Ayew and Routs out wide from the centre. Again not a big issue with that either, but not to change the midfield formation at the same time, gave Southampton all the space they needed in the middle of the park instead, and isolated all 3 of our front men.

So when they lost a 50:50, there was nobody a million miles from them to pick up the second ball.

And we didnt use the space in behind their attacking defenders who were so far up the pitch, they may as well have been a 2nd winger.

Instead we pinged balls into players where they were enveloped by defenders because we fannied around with the ball, playing sideways or backwards for too long, allowing them to get all 11 behind the ball, and double up on our attackers.

If Narsingh had come on in his place, he'd have suffered the same, if not worse, as he has little defensive nous.

And people are so myopic on their hatred and wish for a scapegoat, the guy in front of me even blamed Routledge for losing the ball when he was off the pitch!

Yet no one says anything about the pass at the end from Fer that should have cost us the game.

No, let's just single out the player that EVERY manager has picked the player since Wayne has signed.

That performance yesterday was a collective Fk up starting with the manager.

1st game. Got out of jail, and the whole team from the manager down needs to have a look at themselves.

The one thing Clement definitely got right was not bringing Mesa on, despite a lot of people clamouring for him and booing when young Fulton came on. That was not the time or the place to introduce a player unfamiliar with his teammates let alone the pace of the game in the PL.

StephenR Sunday, 13 August 2017 12:54
Thank you Mark. A sensible & considered critique, Why people booed when he took off Bambi (sorry Tammi big grin ) I will never understand. He was hopelessly isolated & physically unable to hold-off the centre backs (needs to bulk up a little, not like Bony though!!) The ball was just coming straight back. We really needed someone who could engage the centre-backs, which is what Llorente would have done. Although some of the passes were rubbish, many Llorente would have been able to control & hold-up. Theoretically, having 3 centre-backs should have released Olssen & Naughton to push up on their wide players to prevent that source of attack which had murdered us in the first half. Unfortunately Fer decided to pack it in, in the 2nd half & saunter about the place making terrible passes & Carroll is just to lightweight to be effective alongside Fulton, so the middle of the park was just a vacuum. Thank god for our centre backs who I think must have been totally fed-up with the lack of cover in front of them! At least Routledge put himself about, even though often outnumbered & with no out-ball to play. You can only make passes if there is someone available (in space) to pass to!!
Yes we were poor but there was nothing that a good coach couldn't solve even with the existing squad!!
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