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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 14:10 Permalink

I see some are already setting up Clement for the flack. Was it Clement who sold Sigardsson and Llorente. The simple fact is the transfer window was about making a profit. We replaced players with young loan players. I seem to remember Cardiff being heavily criticised when in premium for having too many youngood loan players.
As for the England chants....all a bit embarrassing. Nothing compared to the abuse in a Napoli v Juventus game. Sad though.

Dai Wednesday, 13 September 2017 14:16
No but it was Clement who picked the formation and team sat.
And was Clement who made the subs v man utd

Ponty jack Wednesday, 13 September 2017 14:29
Profit is good. If the club can do well with this squad it is good work. You can be confident the profit will. not go in dividends to the owners including the Trust. More likely much of the surplus will be spent in January when asking prices are more reasonable. Imagine the WBA winger Chadli heading out for £15m to West Ham on £150,0000 a week after being offered to SCFC take it or leave it for £28m. Perhaps Arias will be at a discount and the Barnsley Yiadom for a nominal sum. PC has several of his targets and has to deliver. Sanches is a giant Clement gamble and he might come out of it at the new hot prospect.

Mark (Jack) London Wednesday, 13 September 2017 14:30
Clement can't be immune from criticism for the side he picks, tactics he chooses, and substitutions he makes and when he makes when things are not going right.

Yes, the Board should take the flack for the players sold and brought in, but I don't see that being the most important factor on why we lost that game on Sunday.

The fact is he started someone who had barely had a cup of tea in Swansea, nor kicked a ball in anger in any League, let alone the PL.

And when he saw things weren't working - even though we had the overload in midfield (his words) - then why didn't he change the midfield sooner. Why didn't he pick Leon? why didn't he utilise Mesa?

why did he then leave the midfield short by piling more and more attackers on?

He made mistakes - not for the first time. and he'll make more mistakes. he's a very young, inexperienced manager.

but if he does mess up, then he can't be immune from people pointing those mistakes out.

northern swan Wednesday, 13 September 2017 15:29
100% agree
Don't think PC would expect anything else
Worry for me is that after the Great Escape PC does not seem to be learning about how to select and set out a team better
Still seems to be making stodgy choices and producing a team playing stodgy football
Failing to score in 3 matches out of 4 tells its own story
Handling the media well - which he does - is one thing, a feel for how to play the game is something else
I hope I'm wrong but I'm not sure he has that
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