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Wednesday, 13 September 2017 15:15 Permalink

The owners and/or HJ decided to take a risk in the Summer by holding out against Everton for a higher fee for Siggy. The decision was do they take £35M in May or June , quickly use the money or some of the money on new players , and allow these new players time to bed in with pre-season matches. Or do we hang on and hold out for a higher fee. They decided on the latter, thereby making an extra £5M - £8M but giving PC insufficient time to get formations and players sorted before the start of the season. It seems that maybe we didn't have the same "notice" for Llorente's departure as we did for Siggy so perhaps that sale should not be brought into this equation.

I would say that we've had a below average start and now we have the disruption of blooding new players and getting optimum formations bedded in, but having to do this in the full unforgiving glare of a Premier League fixture list.

We don't yet know whether this strategy will pay off and I think we will need to make that judgement in say 5 matches' time. So it may be that we will be 10 matches in before PC can say that he has a reasonably settled team as he had intended. At that time I think we can ask the question whether it was worth the delay to make an extra transfer profit.

Because of this delay in transfer dealings we now have to patient for another couple of months and let PC sort things out with the new players. I just hope he does have the courage to play these new guys and not go for a low risk option of reverting to a more defensive approach by leaving out some of our exciting new purchases. It may cost us points in the short term but the sooner they get used to playing with each other the better in the long run. I can't see him doing that on Saturday though frown

Legal Jack Wednesday, 13 September 2017 18:13
Our Board were aware both Siggy and Llornete wanted to move on early Summer and that they'd cash in at right price. Board thought the longer we negotiated the higher the offer. The flurry to bring in players late suggests sales and profits were priority. PC stated approach to get squad settled pre-US tour shows money was priority over manager / squad plans. No surprise our signings are struggling to hit ground running.

Wayne Wednesday, 13 September 2017 18:32
I was surprised that we didn't go back into the market after selling Cork because we bought Mesa then recovered that fee by selling Cork, Barrow and Gomis so my logic was that we had available £10 to £12 million that we could use to cover playing hardball with Everton on the Siggy fee. Unless the players that we could afford at that point were not up to much.

WashingtonJack DC Wednesday, 13 September 2017 19:39
The board knew that both Gylfi and Llorente were leaving before the season started.
The only thing that would have stopped either leaving was if they failed a medical.
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