Prediction League Rules

Here are the rules for players taking part in the 2021-2022 Swansea City Prediction League.

Predicting the Match Score

Predict the final score of all the Swansea City matches in the Championship. You have until 5 minutes before the start of a match to add or change your prediction.

The server time is used and there will be no discussion about that, so be on time if you want to submit your predictions.

Scoring Points

The rules of the game were quite simple, you have until 5 minutes before each game to predict the scoreline and points will be awarded for the correct score or correct result.

An example of how points are scored is shown below:

If a user predicts a win e.g. 3-2, they get either the exact points if the result is 3-2 or the win points if the result is 1-0.

Correct Score – if you predict 3-0 and the result is 3-0, you will be awarded 3 points;
Incorrect Score but Correct Winner – if you predict 1-0 and the result is 2-0, you will be awarded 1 point;
Incorrect Score but Draw – if you predict 2-2 and the result is 1-1, you will be awarded 1 point;

Prediction Points
Correct Score3
Incorrect Score BUT Correct Winner or Draw1

Please note that the points awarded above are NOT cumulative. i.e. you will not be awarded points for a Correct Score and Correct Winner or Draw.

Ranking League Table

If you want to view the ranking, then go to the Prediction League Ranking page.

Players on the Same Rank?

When multiple players have the exact same amount of points, then the following sorting rules are applied on the ranking (most important one at the top):

  1. Amount of Correct Scores;
  2. Amount of Correct Winner or Draw scores;

Further Questions?

If you have any further questions or are unsure of how to play, then please contact us.